Drake Gets Close With Model Bernice Burgos On PDA Filled Vacation

Has Drake finally found love? It looks like he might have. According to E!, Drake was spotted getting cozy with a mysterious girl, who they have now identified as model Bernice Burgos.

While on vacation in Australia, the two were captured getting hot and heavy pool side. If you don’t know who Bernice is, or think she might look familiar, she’s the video girl in Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapples,” video. According to Global Grind, at the time, the model said of the shoot, “It was beautiful, it was shot in Anguila and St. Martens. There were a lot of great people out there, the weather was beautiful, everything was just amazing.”

@IggyCombs: Drake and Bernice Burgos pic.twitter.com/I9d3dYhjq0” body goals.

— Mimi♡ (@amyxnaana_) March 3, 2015

That said, we’re willing to bet she’s having a better time with Drake, even though he was one of those “great” people that were present on set that day.

Drake and Bernice

According to E!, Burgos has been around and partied with Drake long before they were photographed in Perth. Another hang out happened when Bergos and Drizzy were seen together at the Lil Wayne vs Drake tour at the stop in New York City. Bergos even shared a few music videos on her Instagram of the concert.

It seems with this new sighting that the pair have rekindled a romance, since the last time Burgos posted about Drake was, by E!’s accounts, 70 weeks ago. At the time she referred to Drake as her “homeboy,” but maybe that was code for something else.

Here’s another shot of Drake and Bernice from the same night.

So what do the fans think about this on again off again couple? Well, some are sad Drake has someone to come home to, while others are mad Burgos isn’t fair game anymore.

let’s not take this out on Bernice. it’s not her fault Drake is a liar and a heartbreaker

— anal girl (@benadryI) March 3, 2015

it’s a bad day when pics of Drake and Bernice Burgos are surfaced :,(

— tay (@taylortoratti) March 3, 2015

[Photo by David Becker / Getty Images]