Is Rihanna Too Clingy For Leonardo DiCaprio?

After photos have finally emerged of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio together, fans are going wild — and so are gossip rags. Gossip on This reports that the “Diamonds” singer is more into Leo than he’s into her, which was made apparent to alleged witnesses at her recent birthday bash. In fact, sources who have managed to get close to RiRi and Leo say that the R&B singer is far too clingy for the actor. If these rumors are true, then Rih could be setting herself up for another heartache.

TMZ even drew attention to rumors that Rihanna’s romance with DiCaprio may be a one-sided thing. When they revealed the exclusive photos of the two celebs together at RiRi’s birthday party, they acknowledged what sources reportedly close to the stars said about the soiree. One source summed up the duo’s behavior colorfully.

“She’s the baddest b***h in the party, but she’s following him everywhere.”

Sources said that Rih wouldn’t let Leo have a moment to himself during the entire event, clinging to him throughout the night. Of course, the same sources acknowledged that Leo was being pretty affectionate with the “Diamonds” singer himself, so maybe the love affair isn’t as one-sided as these gossiping sources would like to believe.

Overall, both Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna have been silent about whether or not they’re in a serious relationship. They’ve left everyone guessing, keeping whatever relationship they may have as private as they can keep it, even though paparazzi make a living following their every move. So no one really knows if any of these gossip rags know the inside scoop — since the alleged sources are all a dime a dozen.

Rihanna has had notoriously bad luck in the romance department her entire adult life. First she was with Chris Brown, who beat her so brutally that she was nearly unrecognizable. Then she was with rapper Drake — and that apparently didn’t work out well, either. Over the past few years she’s kind of juggled back and forth between Drake and Breezy, but now both of these men have pretty much moved one to new relationships. Brown is with Karrueche Tran, and now Drake is getting serious with a beautiful woman who looks a lot like a cross between Tran and Nicki Minaj. If Leonardo is the key to happiness for RihRih, then hopefully these rumors of her being super clingy aren’t true. Of course, Jezebel reports that DiCaprio told the singer point-blank that he didn’t want anything serious with her, even though he threw her an elaborate birthday bash. Do you think there is any truth to this latest gossip?

[Photo: TMZ/YouTube]