Lil Wayne #FWA ‘Free Weezy Album’: March Release Date Tension Builds

Been waiting on Lil Wayne’s new 2015 album for too long? Seen the #FWA hashtag, and do not know if you should start feeling excited? After all, thanks to Lil Wayne’s former record label, maybe your ability to build excitement over a release date has waned because Lil Wayne’s last album has been drawn out for three years?

When Lil Wayne started having problems with his label in 2014, it was implied that an album by Lil Wayne would be coming out “soon” in 2015 — but where is it? In the meantime, it doesn’t help an album to be made when there are storm clouds brewing.

For example, Lil Wayne’s plans of taking Drake and Nicki Minaj with him if he goes independent have had a dark shadow cast over them. Lil Wayne is being warned that he might be biting off more than he can chew by industry friends like Jas Prince.

Despite having a level of stress that would technically kill the kind of spirit required to record an album — a late February interview with Lil Wayne gives evidence that the #FWA hashtags are no joke.

According to Rolling Stone, Lil Wayne has been on the fritz with Cash Money and Birdman — and yet he promises that it will all be worth it for fans that have stayed with him through the twists and turns. In December, Lil Wayne started fighting with Birdman about when Tha Carter V was going to be released.

When Lil Wayne did not get what he wanted, he slapped Birdman and Cash Money with a lawsuit for $51 million in February. Of course, it makes a lot of sense to most people that Lil Wayne would be mad because Tha Carter V was supposed to be released in 2012.

However, Lil Wayne said he would deliver an album to his fans after the deal with Tha Carter V was put on hold yet again — and it looks like something else is actually in the works. Two weeks after the Rolling Stone article was published, Lil Wayne’s Instagram account started having #FWA (Free Weezy Album) on the pictures.

Lil Wayne posted them explicitly for #FWA publicity. Now, on Instagram and Twitter, it does not matter what Lil Wayne is tweeting about because the comments are loaded with #FWA remarks because fans are tired of being teased — and want to know what is going to happen next.

Unfortunately, there may not be any warnings when Lil Wayne drops #FWA. Rolling Stone pointed out that Drake dropped his new album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, ahead of schedule and without warning.

Will Lil Wayne do the same? Lil Wayne told Rolling Stone the following.

“Right now, anybody could put out a new song on the Internet and it could become the hottest thing ever. When I was starting, you couldn’t do that type of s***. But that’s wonderful – the game is wide open, and my job is just to stay vital.”

All we know for now is that Lil Wayne stated to Rolling Stone in mid-February that he was working 12-hour shifts in the studios for The Free Weezy Album, that the album will be released in March, and that he is working on it every day. Lil Wayne also promised to tour for most of 2015.

Besides the #FWA hashtag going up along with anything Lil Wayne does, the headlines about him are that Maxx Music Blog says Birdman is accusing Lil Wayne of being secretly gay. Other news involving Lil Wayne pertains to photos of his child with Lauren London finally being released on his Instagram page.

As for the new Lil Wayne #FWA release date, all we can hope is that it does actually appear in March — as promised.

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