Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Not Dating Even Though They Flirted At The BRIT Awards

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are now dating, according to several reports that revealed the two spent a lot of time together at the BRIT Awards. Taylor and Calvin allegedly flirted backstage. They couldn’t even keep their hands off each other. Despite these reports and sightings, the two are not dating at the moment.

Hollywood Life reported that Swift got a little “touchy-feely” with the EDM producer backstage at the BRIT Awards. Harris, 31, was spotted at the after party’s VIP area when Swift, 25, was seen allegedly holding his hand. It seems like these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Or, maybe Swift couldn’t keep her hands off the hunky-looking Harris, who recently stripped down for Emporio Armani.

Some would say that Taylor is claiming her property a little too soon. Calvin is reportedly dating model Aarika Wolf, according to the Hollywood Life report. Not only were the two were allegedly spotted holding hands, but they were also bumping and grinding on the dance floor. The source said that Calvin’s hands moved from Taylor’s hands to her backside as “99 Problems” played on the speakers.

The two were also reportedly seen spending some time alone in the VIP area. Swift and Harris were allegedly flirting and holding each other until the end of the night. One eyewitness spotted the two leaving the party together.

According to another Hollywood Life report, Harris wants to dump his girlfriend for Swift. He’s actually “desperate” to hook up with the singer. Harris even wants to go further with Swift, and just have one more night with her, according to a source that’s close to the producer.

“Calvin has always had the hots for Taylor, and this was his perfect opportunity to woo her at the BRIT Awards.”

Swift and Harris don’t just want to make sweet music in the bedroom. They also want to make music in the recording studio.

“At the BRITs they discussed the possibility of [making music together], as well making sure they meet up in the US in-between his regular DJ residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas.”

Sources close to Swift say that the dating rumors are false, especially since Harris has a girlfriend waiting for him in the U.K. That hasn’t stopped the media from talking about the possibility of Swift and Harris dating in the future.

Taylor revealed that being in a relationship is not a priority for her at the moment. According to a recent Inquisitr article, she revealed in an interview that she’s content with being single. That doesn’t mean that Taylor can’t have some fun on the side, though. What do you think of the Taylor Swift dating rumors?

[Images: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images, Ian Gavan/Getty Images]