‘Looking For A Girlfriend’ New Yorker Claims He Hooked Up With 118 Women After 8,000 Calls

Since pasting companionship fliers around Lower Manhattan with an image of his face under the caption “looking for a girlfriend,” Dan Perino is a familiar daily sight for many New Yorkers.

Having come up with the brilliant idea, to look for a girlfriend in an even less conventional way than online dating, Perino said his fliers got him attention from the fairer sex — a whole lot of attention.

So much so, that he claims he was inundated with more than 8,000 calls from interested women since he started his campaign last summer, He also claims that he actually hooked up with 118 women and had some kind of sex with them — but who’s counting?

As Perino told News.com.au, “It’s been going great. I’ve had… hook-ups with 118 girls, but the dating is a lot more than that.”

One might think that pasting fliers with one’s picture, blatantly entitled “looking for a girlfriend,” might be a little weird and possibly even creepy. However, according to Perino, the female population of New York seemingly loved the idea.

As Perino said during the interview, “I was getting 200-300 calls per day. I couldn’t get back to everybody, it was difficult. I’ve got back to everybody by now, there’s been over 8000 phone calls. I posted well over 40,000 flyers. I try to keep it below 14th street although I do go up to mid-town sometimes.”

Despite all the calls and all the dates and sex, true love still seems to have eluded the New Yorker. That might have something to do with Perino always putting his foot in his mouth when on dates, as Perino admitted he often finds himself saying just the wrong thing on dates.

Either way, the numbers speak for themselves, so it’s hats off to Dan Perino for having the initiative and the guts to paste his face on the streets of New York with the simple message, “Looking for a girlfriend.”