New Delhi Attacker Blames Victim For Gang Rape In ‘India’s Daughter’ Documentary

Mukesh Singh, the attacker in New Delhi who blames the victim for her rape and murder, claims that, had she not been out at night, the attack never would have happened. Singh was driving the bus the victim, known only as “Jyoti,” and her friend had boarded, but denies being involved in the rape. His statements of blame are part of an interview that appears in British filmmaker, Leslee Udwin’s, documentary, “India’s Daughter.”

On December 16, 2012, Jyoti and a male friend took a bus home after seeing a film at the cinema. Five men and a juvenile male were on the bus. They beat her friend then took turns raping Jyoti. The gang rape turned into murder when she died two weeks later from severe internal injuries.

“India’s Daughter” covers the aftermath of the attack and gender inequality as protesters took to the streets all across India asking for justice. Udwin addressed reporters in New Delhi before a screening of her documentary.

“I got an insight and an understanding into the way he views women. That is what is extremely shocking, not what he did.

Mukesh’s attittude is: Why (are people) making a fuss about us, everybody is doing it.”

The documentary will air on International Women’s Day this Sunday in India and several other countries. However, there are questions as to whether it should air or not. Activists don’t want the attacker to gain media attention and believe airing it will dishonor the victim’s memory. They cite the victim’s attacker shows no remorse and justifies the attack by placing blame on her.

Activist Vrinda Adiga asked “What is there in spreading the views of a rapist?”

Indian authorities are reportedly ordering television stations not to broadcast the documentary after parts of it, when released, caused shock and outrage.

The attack on the victim has led to awareness of the country’s levels of violence against women and the blame many place on them. The victim’s father, who was also interviewed for the documentary, said her death has “lit a torch” for women’s rights. The victim’s mother said rapists should answer for their crimes, not the women who become their victims.

“Whenever there’s a crime, the girl is blamed, ‘She should not go out. She shouldn’t roam around so late or wear such clothes.’ It’s the boys who should be accused and asked why they do this.”

This isn’t the first time an attacker has placed blame on the victim, especially in cases of rape, and sadly won’t be the last. What do you think of the documentary and whether it should air?

[Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images]