Chris Brown will claim Rihanna beating was self defense

Chris Brown will reportedly plead self-defense when he ends up in court, according to a new report.

“Chris is already building his case. He’s saying she threw a phone at him, then hit him in the head and basically just lost it. He’s saying she attacked him” a source told Life & Style Weekly.

Related reports suggest that the case may be delayed beyond March 5th in order to gather more evidence. A spokeperson for the LA district attorney said in a statement that “We don’t have the evidence yet. (Los Angeles police detectives) are still investigating.:

“If (detectives) determine they need more time they’ll set a new date for him (Brown) to come into court. He only has to come back if and when we file charges.”

Rumors of Rihanna beating Brown first surfaced February 11, days after the now infamous incident. At the time, insiders claimed that Rihanna regularly beat Brown, and that this time he snapped and retaliated.