Man Wearing ‘I Do Dumb Things’ T-Shirt Arrested For 9th DUI

A Texas man wearing a T-shirt labeled “Warning: I Do Dumb Things” has seen his mugshot go viral on social media after he was busted for an alleged ninth DUI charge.

Could this be another instance of when the fashion police and the real police overlap?

The suspect, Luciano Gutierrez, 66, was taken into custody late last week on an outstanding warrant after being pulled over in November near Waco, Texas, for allegedly driving while intoxicated. He was booked into the Bell County Jail on Thursday and subsequently released on a $25,000 bond.

As far as the fashion statement is concerned, “while police did not specify too much about his arrest, they say that everyone in the office is having a good laugh,” KCEN TV noted.

“Because he has more than three convictions for the offense, the latest rose to the level of a felony, court records showed,” KBTX TV reported. The suspect could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

“After the case was reviewed by the Bell County Attorney and the prior convictions were confirmed, the case was sent to the District Attorney because the latest charge was enhanced to a felony,” KBTX added.

As alluded to above, the suspect in this incident is not the only arrestee who has worn prophetic, memorable, and/or ironic apparel while posing for a booking photo when hauled into jail, as the Inquisitr has previously chronicled.

For example, a Kentucky woman, arrested in November for possession of meth, happened to be wearing an “I Love Crystal Meth” T-Shirt. In May, 2014, a man wearing a shirt that read “it’s all fun & games until the cops show up” was arrested in Idaho on suspicion of bank robbery. In a separate incident, an Oregon man wearing a T-shirt labeled “drunk as s**t” on the front found himself getting arrested last April for an alleged DUI and other charges.

[image via Twitter]