‘Teen Mom’ Star Tyler Baltierra Was Sexually Abused As A 9-Year-Old

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra revealed several dark secrets from his past in his new book with Catelynn Lowell, Conquering Chaos. In addition to speaking of his stressful childhood, which was plagued with drug use and instability, Baltierra exposed his past sexual abuse.

According to a March 2 report by Radar Online, the Teen Mom star opened up in the book about being sexually molested at the age of 9 by a friend of his older sister.

“One day I went over to her house with my sister and some other people, and for some reason or another, everyone else left but this older girl and me. For the next several hours, it was sex act after sex act after sex act. It went on all day. She had us [doing] everything she could think of, one thing after another.”

After the abuse took place, the Teen Mom star claimed to have a distorted view of what sex was, which led him to make a series of irresponsible choices.

“It made me think sex was something kids could do, which influenced me to act too sexual when I was too young.”

The Teen Mom star recounted a moment when he broke up with an elementary school girlfriend because she was too much of a prude. Then, years later, after he met Lowell in junior high, things took a positive turn.

Although Baltierra, who had been sexually active for years, wanted to have sex right away, Lowell, who was a virgin at the time, made the Teen Mom star wait.

“Tyler really wanted to have sex, but I made him wait for about nine months. I never worried that he’d dump me like he’d dump those other girls. Not because I was sure he wouldn’t, but because if he did, that would just mean he wasn’t the right guy for me. It was that simple. I wasn’t going to compromise my self-respect.”

After the Teen Mom couple consummated their relationship, they began having sex regularly and eventually, Lowell became pregnant.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Teen Mom stars spoke of their childhood in the book, as well. As Radar Online reported on March 2, Lowell revealed her mother was often high on drugs, and dated many men when she was younger.

In one instance, Lowell wrote about a physical fight she had with one of her mom’s boyfriends, in which the unnamed man threw her to the ground and choked her.

Teen Mom OG premieres on Monday, March 23 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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