‘Beauty And The Beast’ Spoilers: Major Character Faces Life Or Death And More

Beauty and the Beast fans have a lot to be happy about this month. Not only did fans receive a premiere date for Beauty and the Beast Season 3, but CW decided to renew the series for Season 4.

Yes, before Season 3 even premieres.

When will Beauty and the Beast Season 3 arrive on the small screen? A date of May 21 has been given, according to International Business Times.

Fans of the series were at first skeptical about the reports of a Season 4 pickup for the CW series, but the news was confirmed by executive producer Stuart Gillard on his Twitter account earlier this month.

The news was definitely an early Valentine’s Day present for Vincent and Catherine. Production on Season 4 will start in June. Season 3 production wrapped earlier this month. It does appear that CW plans to keep Beauty and the Beast a summer series though. The final six episodes of Season 2 aired last summer.

Some have expressed their shock over the network’s decision to pick up the series for fourth season before Season 3 even airs. The ratings for the show are low, but fans are extremely loyal. The “beasties” show their support heavily on social media.

However, things will not be easy for Vincent and Catherine during Beauty and the Beast Season 3. Previous spoilers teased that the couple will face new challenges next season. Some preliminary images of at least one episode were also shared in the previous Inquisitr report.

E! Online did share some new Beauty and the Beast spoilers for Season 3 on Tuesday, and one of those challenges for the main cast was teased. Someone will be in danger, which is not too uncommon for this series.

“You might not like what we have to share: expect one of our four main heroes to end up in the hospital after being severely injured. Like, life-or-death here, people! OK, we’ll eliminate one person: Tess.”

Season 3 will also see Vincent using his inner beast to protect others, and this could test his relationship with Catherine. The upcoming season will not see the pair have to hide their relationship any longer. The pair will try to live a more normal existence, but that will not be easy for them when Vincent uses his beast to save the world.

What do you think? Are you excited about Beauty and the Beast’s return and the early Season 4 renewal?