How Is Paris Not A Haunted Place? New Monoprix Images

The Monoprix graveyard is just one of many tales to add to Paris’ already-famous horror stories. However, this one is surely more tangible than others.

Could you imagine what could have been going through the minds of customers as they found out they were standing and shopping atop a mass grave site? And this is a place that sells food, no less. Surely, these Monoprix customers would not want to eat doughnuts while standing on an Indian burial ground either. That kind of approximates the extent.

Monoprix Grave Image III
Credits: Denis Gliksman | Inrap

Paris has so many ghost stories that come with its name. However, not many tourists realize the reach and actuality behind the stories. One of the most favorite places non-Parisians love to visit is the Eiffel Tower. Yet, did you know it has it’s own metaphorical grave site? Yes. Throughout the years, several people have committed suicide from atop the Paris-landmark. This is such the case that it even ranks as one of the top 10 suicide locations in the world. It’s definitely high enough to ensure a swift death, right?

Monoprix Grave Site Adds To Paris Horror Stories Like Eiffel Tower Suicides
Credits: Snopes

Though there have been further precautions taken to help prevent such unfortunate events from happening as frequently, some continue to make the suicidal plunge. And that’s just one of many. Another of the city’s hauntings is found within its catacombs.

However, to digress to the Monoprix findings — according to the Guardian — a retired civil servant makes a relevant statement.

“It’s rather a bizarre thought. Still, there’s all sorts of odd things buried under Paris.”

Monoprix Grave Image I
Credits: Denis Gliksman | Inrap

It seems, like in the Monoprix grave case, this account holds to be true. Could you imagine seeing such a thing, knowing you regularly shop at the Paris-store? The same Guardian source elaborates on the findings and how everything came to be.

“The discovery was made when the store applied to convert part of its cellar for extra storage space. Knowing that the building sat on the site of a hospital dating back to the middle ages, managers called in archaeologists to check for human remains. Nobody expected them to find much; most of the bodies buried in the hospital grounds had been disinterred when the building was destroyed in the early 19th century. Their bones were moved to the Paris catacombs, the underground ossuaries that hold the remains of about six million people in caverns and tunnels.”

The source goes on to say that the grave site is showing that these were a connection to a wave of deaths, involving men, women, and children. But all of them have their arms across their chests as if they had been wrapped.

Monoprix Grave Site Adds To Paris Horror Stories
Credits: The Guardian

With this newly-found information, it’s possible that people will start to look at the Monoprix supermarket with a hint of skepticism. Or, from those who are adventurous at heart, this may be a reason to increase the Monoprix visitation?

In any case, there shall now be heightened attention brought on to the grave site and the supermarket — as well as other regions of Paris.

Monoprix Grave Image IV
Credits: Denis Gliksman | Inrap

How about yourself? Do you want to visit the Monoprix site and see the excavation first-hand?

[Featured Image via Olivier Dauvers – France]