Subaru: Creating A Legacy of Dominance In '10 Top Picks Survey'

Matthew Silbernagel

Even though the car manufacturer Subaru is on the smaller side of the automotive industry, the Japaneses car company is crafting a legacy for itself among consumer recommendations. Recently, Consumer Reports released its "10 Top Picks for 2015". This annual compiling of analysis and testing puts forth Consumer Reports' recommendations in regard to the the top 10 vehicles in a number of automotive classes.

For those abreast to the leanings of the auto industry, it is no surprise that the "10 Top Picks" lists usually contain a strong Japanese presence. Japanese automobiles are renowned for their reliability, affordability, and overall value. Such a general consensus led to Toyota dominating the 2012 "10 Top Picks" list with five of its vehicles making the list.

However, the 2015 list has seen the rise of a different Japanese auto manufacturer - Subaru. Subaru is a relatively small car maker with only seven different models in its lineup. Despite this however, Subaru managed to have three of its seven models win best in class.

Subaru is owned by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. which was founded in 1953. In addition to its automotive endeavors Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. also conducts business in the aerospace and industrial manufacturing markets.

Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.'s subsidiary Subaru has gained a reputation for providing consumers with a high level of quality, reliability, and value. While it is true that in the past, Subaru has been plagued with various recalls, the fact that Subaru's 2015 Legacy sedan dethroned the much praised Honda Accord for the title of best mid-sized car, testifies to Subaru's rising dominance.

At this point in the article, it may be worth noting that there is the distinct possibility that many consumers still know very little about Subaru. While there are a wide array of discussable points in Subaru's portfolio, perhaps most interesting is Subaru's rally racing heritage. The segment of the automotive industry that Subaru first left its imprint on was the world of rally racing. Rally racing occurs primarily off road and consists of winding tracks. Subaru's vehicles were quickly seen to possess an advantage as they came equipped with all-wheel drive - a feature that remains standard to this day.

It is certainly probable that Subaru's storied racing pedigree has contributed to the recent upswing in the automaker's popularity. Also equally as probable is the notion that so long as Subaru continues to put out quality products, its popularity will only continue to grow and increase its already impressive legacy.

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