‘Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Finally Tells The Truth About Miami Girl? [Video]

Vanderpump Rules‘ star Jax Taylor is telling the truth about what really happened with Miami Girl, so he says. In an interview after Monday night’s show, the reality star admits he saw nothing go down between Tom Sandoval and the girl from Miami.

Whether Tom cheated on Ariana has been a central plot point this entire season of Vanderpump Rules. Whether Kristen Doute was bringing it up or Jax Taylor was telling various versions of “the truth,” the cheating rumor just would not die. While Jax insisted during last week’s episode that Sandoval had sex with Miami Girl, in an interview on Vanderpump Rules Last Call Monday night, Taylor admits he lied.

“Tom and I had a little bit of a fight before — when I brought this up and I think I was just p*ssed off at him about the argument that we had, and, you know, to be totally honest and — I did not see anything. This was all just hearsay…I didn’t see anything happen. That’s the God’s honest truth.”

When the host of Last Call asked him why he always seems to get caught up these situations, Jax says it is because he is always labeled as the bad guy; however, according to Taylor, he is not really the problem. According to Jax, whenever any of the Rules‘ couples have relationship issues, he is the person they blame and he has no idea why as he is just exposing the truth.

“No matter what happens, I mean, Tom could be cheating on Katie — I’m not saying he did — but Tom could be cheating on Katie or whatever, but for some odd reason, it’s always my fault…and all I’m doing is bringing it to surface.”

Whatever the truth really is, it is too bad Kristen did not get the “Jax lied” memo before filming the Vanderpump Rules‘ season finale, which aired Monday night. According to Reality Tea, Kristen Doute was convinced she would be vindicated because, with Jax’s help in confronting Tom and Ariana together, she could once and for all expose Tom Sandoval as the cheater he is. Unfortunately for Doute, she had to admit defeat when Jax, once again, lied about ever having the conversation in which he insisted Tom cheated on Ariana in Miami. Kristen told Ariana she could have Sandoval, as if the two were ever really fighting over him this season.

The Vanderpump Rules’ reunion will air March 9 at 9 p.m., EST on Bravo.

[Image by Chris Weeks/Getty Images]