Toronto Tunnel Mystery Solved, Underground Bunker Built For ‘Personal Reasons’

The Toronto tunnel mystery is solved. Authorities have determined that the tunnel was built by two young men, who used the underground bunker as a man cave. Although the tunnel was not used for criminal activities, the men could be fined for trespassing.

An official with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority discovered the unusual tunnel in January. As the underground structure was found near the planned site of the Pan Am Games, authorities were concerned that it was built for a terrorist attack.

As reported by Daily Mail, the tunnel led to an underground bunker, which was nearly seven feet tall and 33 feet long. Inside, authorities found building supplies, discarded food and drink containers, a generator, a sump pump, a rosary necklace, and a Remembrance Day poppy.

Wtf? “CBC says cops investigating 22-ft sophisticated tunnel near Pan Am Games venue #cbcto

— Andy Rosso (@andy_rosso) February 23, 2015

The mysterious structure gained international attention, and sparked numerous conspiracy theories. However, authorities concluded that the underground bunker was actually built by two young men for their own “personal reasons.” In a press release, the Toronto Police Service announced that the Toronto tunnel mystery is solved, and the case is officially closed.

“… police received information on Friday, February 27, 2015, which enabled investigators to identify two men… Investigators have verified their account and are satisfied there was neither criminal intent nor any threat to the people or city of Toronto. The investigation is concluded.”

As reported by The Star, authorities have not released the identities of the two men, as criminal charges will not be filed. However, Const. Victor Kwong confirmed both men are in their 20s. Kwong said the Toronto residents simply built the underground bunker for “a place to hang out.”

Following the conclusion of their investigation, authorities cleared the items from the tunnel and filled it back in. Although authorities are satisfied that the Toronto tunnel mystery is solved, an online news agency has suggested police are hiding an important detail.

In a recent article, Gawker writer Taylor Berman suggests the bunker was “probably just a weird underground sex chamber.” It is unclear what prompted Berman’s assumption, as authorities did not recover any sexual devices or materials from the bunker.

The Toronto tunnel mystery will likely remain a point of speculation. However, authorities have ended their investigation and officially closed the case.

[Image via Fox News]