Amber Portwood Talks Wedding Date, Reveals If Daughter Gets Along With Fiancé

Amber Portwood has had a tumultuous life, but fans are happy to see that she is finally doing better. Not only is she out of prison and putting her life back on the right track, but she has someone special in her life.

The Teen Mom OG star has been dating a man named Matt for a couple of months. She has managed to keep the relationship mainly quiet and hasn’t revealed too much about him. Up until the trailers for the upcoming fifth season of the show, fans weren’t even sure if Matt would appear on the show. However, Matt will be on the show and his proposal to Amber will even be shown.

That’s right, Amber Portwood is indeed engaged and it looks like she will be tying the knot sometime soon. However, she reveals to E! Online that she has not yet set a wedding date. In fact, she even admitted that she and Matt “didn’t know each other that long” before deciding to get engaged. So, what does the reality show star plan on doing?

“We know it’s gonna be within the year. We just moved in together a couple months ago, so we really want to learn everything about each other and live this life right now and just make sure everything’s straight before we jump the gun on something.”

There is nothing wrong with taking things slow and it is great that, rather than jump into marriage, Amber is going to opt for a long engagement. In fact, she won’t be the first Teen Mom OG star to prolong an engagement. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have also had a long engagement, but as the Inquisitr previously reported, they will be tying the knot this August. As for Amber and Matt, though, an official wedding date has not been set.

Whereas Catelynn and Tyler have been together for years and didn’t have to worry about introducing children into the relationship, Amber Portwood has a daughter with ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. While Gary has custody of the little girl, Amber is a part of her life and needed to ensure that her daughter gets along with Matt. Luckily, it turns out that Amber’s daughter and Amber’s fiancé get along.

“Boo Boo loves him. They have this natural connection. How? I have no clue. But it’s just amazing to me because I was really scared that, ‘What if Boo Boo doesn’t like him?'”

Amber’s ex, Gary, is also involved with someone new. He is expecting another baby later this year.

Although a wedding date has not been set, the proposal will appear on the new season of Teen Mom OG. In fact, Us Weekly showed a close-up photo of the engagement ring as well. It looks like Amber Portwood’s boyfriend has good taste in jewelry.

[Image: via Facebook]