Have You Seen the Exploding PowerBook?

It’s been a bit since we’ve seen reports of an exploding computer, but today, the bang is back in action. An Apple PowerBook supposedly started smoking and burst into flames at the offices of a London marketing company, The Inquirer reports.

Exploding Powerbook
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Staff members say the flames shot six feet into the air, originating from the PowerBook’s battery. The employees tell quite the story, saying that the laptop loudly burst and reignited just when they thought the worst was over. When the flames finally stopped, they say, the battery was “all molten inside and glowing red.”

The PowerBook was said to be three or four years old. The marketing company is trying to see if it might have been included in Apple’s battery recall a while back and never have been sent in for repair.

Exploding Powerbook Exploding Powerbook
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