Spock Canadian Bill Honors Leonard Nimoy With Star Trek ‘Spocking’ Tribute, As William Shatner Skips Funeral [Video]

As his fans, friends, and family mourn the passing of Leonard Nimoy, his Star Trek character Spock is being honored with an unusual Canadian bill scribble. Some may want to watch old Star Trek movies, but in Canada, a “Spocking” tribute is gathering momentum as Nimoy’s fans ink up their $5 bills to make it look like their hero, according to CNN.

The sketches use the bill’s original design depicting Sir Wilfrid Laurier. As a result, rather than paying tribute to the former prime minister of Canada from 1896 to 1911, the marked-up bills now resemble Nimoy as Spock.

The Spocking tribute was embraced on Twitter, where Design Canada sent out a call for action.

“Spock’ your $5 bills for Leonard Nimoy” – @The_CDR

But as the bills are fluttering across Canada, the funeral of Leonard Nimoy resulted in some criticism for his co-star and pal William Shatner, according to the New York Post.

Shatner, who played the iconic Captain Kirk, first got slammed when he revealed he planned to go to a Red Cross charity ball in Florida, and thus could not return to Los Angeles in time for Nimoy’s funeral.

Returning to L.A. late in the morning, Captain Kirk didn’t beam down in time for the 9 a.m. funeral service. Shatner took to Twitter to explain.

“I am currently in FL as I agreed to appear at the Red Cross Ball tonight. Leonard’s funeral is tomorrow. I can’t make it back in time,” he posted. “I feel really awful. Here I am doing charity work and one of my dearest friends is being buried.”

However, as criticism mounted on social media, Shatner attempted to follow up with a dogged defense.

“I chose to honor a commitment I made months ago to appear at a charitable fundraiser. A lot of money was raised. So here I am; tell me off.”

To represent him at the funeral, Shatner noted that his daughters attended the ceremony. He also spent time on Twitter responding to fans who wanted details about Spock’s character versus the real Leonard Nimoy.

“He took the role of Spock very seriously and I would try and get him to crack a smile while in his persona. It was hard to do,” recalled Captain Kirk.

Also honoring Nimoy was co-star Nichelle Nichols, as the Inquisitr reported.

“A true force of strength and his character was that of a champion,” she reflected. “Leonard’s integrity and passion as an actor and devotion to his craft helped transport STAR TREK into television history.”

[Image Via Twitter.com/The_CDR]