Spring Break 2015: Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down

Spring Break 2015 is near. In the midst of having your fun, don’t forget that you have a life after the fun is over. So, here’s a simple word of caution.

With a currently-proposed dharma of “Y.O.L.O.,” during this break, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Yet, ironically, it’s these very moments that tend to get people “caught up.”

While this is the Spring semester at most institutions, this is the one student-holiday for which enrollees await with vigor, excitement and — in many times — lust. Most people get it. Students need a break from academics. Accordingly, there are only so many hours of cramming they can do per week, right? Students need a time to release their academic worries.

Spring Break 2015 Is Near - Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down II
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To clarify, Spring Break isn’t for those in the workforce. It’s an academic holiday. To think on the matter, have you ever stopped to wonder when Northrop-Grumman, Microsoft or McDonald’s gets off for the holiday? It doesn’t happen. So, yes, enjoy Spring Break while you can. However, while doing so — as aforementioned — you, as a student, have to keep in mind that you do have a life you’re returning to after the fact. Also, you wouldn’t want to do anything during this break that could jeopardize your hiring candidacy in the future. You know?

Sure, it’s wonderful to win Spring Break trips to all-inclusive resorts, get insane vacation packages or even go on enjoyable, cheap vacations during the break. But metaphorically (as well as literally), don’t get caught with your pants down. Some things just don’t go away, no matter how much you may try to clear your name or improve upon your life.

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Though many males enjoy the Girls Gone Wild franchise, countless lives — male and female — have been ruined years down the line. Though it was just plain fun in the moment, the moment only lasts until it’s over. Then, it’s “back to life, back to reality” — quote from Soul II Soul’s 90’s hit, “Back to Life.”

Thinking your Spring Break events are long-forgotten, one day, the past can resurface and show its ugly head. So, it’s actually wise to lookout for your future and make good choices for yourself, before you’re caught in the middle of keg party. Just make a plan and know your limitations. If you know you can only remain sensible and aware when taking down one keg, then don’t go for two kegs. You know? It’s after that second one that you could find yourself waking up with your “pants down.” You’d be better off doing something more constructive. Your future self would only thank you.

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What are your thoughts on this upcoming Spring Break? What will you do? What are your college kids doing? If you’re a responsible parent or reasonable friend, ensure you share this article with those who could benefit from it. A word of caution only helps.

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