NASA Blurred Out Image Of UFO Sighted Near Sun -- UFO May Have Destroyed Satellite To Send Warning, Blogger Claims

Prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1 claims he has detected in a recent LASCO C3 photo, a massive UFO with an intricate articulated design near our sun.

The photograph was captured by the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite in halo orbit around the Sun-Earth L1 gravitational balance point from where it transmits to Earth a continuous stream of near-real-time data about solar activity used to predict space weather in the vicinity of the sun.

The alleged massive UFO, about the size of the moon, has a complex articulated design suggestive of a sophisticated craft built by a very advanced extraterrestrial technological civilization.

Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, observes that the crystal-like shape of the object is unlike natural objects or space rocks.

UFO Near Sun
"If you look carefully, you will see there is a geometric shape to it. This shape is impossible for any comet, meteor or natural phenomenon other than crystals. This object looks a about the size of the moon, maybe a little bigger. This explains why the helioviewer is down for...cough, cough...maintenance."
Close-Up Of UFO Near Sun

Waring suggests that the appearance of the massive alien spacecraft near our sun could explain why NASA's Helioviewer was down early this week. He alleges that when he finally got the Helioviewer to work, he discovered that the image of the UFO on the viewer had been blurred out.

Close-Up Of UFO Near Sun
"I finally got the Helioviewer to work and the photo at that moment is there, however the UFO has been blurred so much that its outline can no longer be seen. The UFO appears suddenly at 07:49:00 until 08:00:00, then at 08:01:00 the UFO vanishes as fast as it appeared."
UFOlogists have accused NASA multiple times of deliberately attempting to hide evidence of alien UFO activity in our space locality.

Waring also tentatively links the latest sighting with a recent news report about a decommissioned U.S. spy satellite which exploded "after an unexplained spike in temperature."

According to the Telegraph, the U.S. Air Force space command confirmed that the "catastrophic event came after a sudden spike in temperature was detected, followed by an unrecoverable loss of attitude control."

The explosion caused more than 40 pieces of debris to scatter into orbit.

According to Waring, the massive UFO sighted near the sun may have destroyed the satellite to send a warning. The official explanation that the satellite exploded after "an unexplained spike in temperature" could be evidence of a targeted laser strike on the satellite.

"A military satellite was destroyed on Feb 1, 2015. The satellite detected a sudden spike in temperature and then gone... I present the assumption that this UFO near our sun, destroyed this satellite and maybe others as a warning of what it is capable of doing, and to hide what it is doing near or in our sun."
If Waring's speculation is true, then the incident might have sent a warning to NASA and the U.S. military that our space locality is under the control of an intergalactic extraterrestrial superpower.

But one can imagine a host of skeptics smiling indulgently at the UFO hunter's speculation about military politics in our local system.

Notwithstanding, the alleged UFO bears a remarkable resemblance to another recent find by Streetcap1, which Waring described as a "rocket-like craft with a tripod fin end."

The Inquisitr described the UFO, discovered in a 1971 Apollo 15 mission photo in the archives NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LROC), as an "articulated tripodal UFO."

The Inquisitr noted that while skeptics would dismiss the "tripodal UFO" as a photo glitch, its apparent intricate features suggested to UFO enthusiasts a massive spacecraft built by an very advance alien civilization.

"However, going by Waring's description of the object, we could surmise that the craft has an intricate articulated design suggestive of a highly advanced civilization."
"Articulated Tripodal UFO" (Close-Up)

The new UFO discovered near the sun also has a complex articulated shape. If, as UFO enthusiasts believe, it is not an incidental splotch or glitch in the LASCO photo, then we may surmise that it was built and designed by the same technological civilization that built the 1971 Apollo 15 mission photo and that the civilization is taking a keen interest in our vicinity of space.

"Articulated Tripodal UFO"

The Inquistr pointed out in a previous report why a highly advanced alien civilization might send spacecrafts to our space vicinity.

Going by the frequent claims of sightings of massive motherships near our sun, our sun might have been claimed by an energy-hungry Type II or Type III civilization, farming our sun for energy, taking advantage of the fact that our civilization, the only one in the sun's orbit, is still too primitive to successfully stake its claim on the intergalactic level in which advanced civilizations compete for scarce energy resources.

[Images: Helioviewer; UFO Sightings Daily]