Kelly Clarkson Caught In Musical Miscredit Via Twitter

Kelly Clarkson isn’t the only musical artist who has risen to fame, unaware of a song’s attributes and full credits. However, she’s now been made aware of another version of her song, “Run, Run, Run.”

As mentioned, Kelly’s not alone in the miscrediting issue. There’s a vast musical world and is easy to miss a song or writer’s idea. Sometimes, like Clarkson, you can acquire a song without doing the proper research, only to later find out that it was written and copyrighted by someone other than the persons from whom you received it.

Possibly, Kelly knows how cutthroat the music industry can be, and that is why she offered to address the issue publicly. From Clarkson’s Twitter page, you can see that she’s adamant about ensuring her fans of her genuine authenticity. That’s what matters in the world of musicianship. Kelly understands that no one wants to listen to someone who’s made a career out of ripping off others’ ideas and styles — not at all insinuating that she’s doing such a thing. Relevantly, artist Sam Smith is currently being sued for similar allegations.

Accordingly, Clarkson’s fans brought the issue to her attention on last week. It turns out that Kelly’s song was actually first-written by a group called Tokio Hotel. The group even mentioned it via its Twitter page on February 25, 2015.

In the music world, it’s a wonderful feeling when you have someone of notable status engage with your music — not to mention doing a cover to it, no less. However, there’s a difference in having someone like Clarkson engage with your music and having someone like her claim your music as her own. Another set of feelings can arise at that point. Yet, from an unbeknownst standpoint, it can be forgivable — and this is a concept that Kelly expresses via her Twitter page, that she was unaware.

Interestingly, Kelly appears empathetic about the situation. Yet, at the same time, Clarkson offers the notion that there are now “two versions of a great song.” This kind of, indirectly, implies that she’s not getting rid of her version?

What are your thoughts on Kelly’s song issue? If you were in her position, what would be your decision? Feel free to share your thoughts.

[Feature Image via Rob Kim/Getty Images]