PlayStation Vita game downloads to be cheaper than retail copies

Over in Japan, PlayStation Vita owners get a discount whenever they purchase a title digitally through the PlayStation Network, and it was assumed–and hoped–that it would work the same way elsewhere, but Sony kept quiet on the matter.

Now that the PlayStation Vita launch is just around the corner in North America, Sony has finally confirmed that digital titles bought through the PlayStation Network will be discounted. At this point, it isn’t clear whether or not this applies to North America only.

“I can confirm that there will be a discount on the downloadable PS Vita titles from PSN,” A Sony rep confirmed to ShackNews. “Exact details have not yet been revealed, but be on the lookout for an announcement in the very near future.”

Word of the digital discount originally came yesterday by way of a NeoGAF user who managed to take a few pictures of a listing from a computer at Best Buy. The image shows several digital titles being discounted by about 10%, which falls in line with the discount Japanese Vita owners get.

We’ll let you know when Sony says more.