'Bachelor: Women Tell All' Aftermath: Carly Waddell Regrets Hurting Britt Nilsson, Kaitlyn Bristowe Had to Bite Her Tongue, And Jade Roper Didn't Get Closure

Some of the more memorable women from the latest season of The Bachelor have revealed their thoughts upon seeing themselves lay their emotions bare on the latest episode. Monday night's Women Tell All started out with a bang thanks to Britt Nilsson's confrontation of Carly Waddell. It was Carly who told Chris Soules that Britt was being fake and was a liar, particularly about whether she could actually live in Arlington.

In tears, Britt ultimately told Carly that she wished her no ill will. Jillian Anderson chimed in to bash Carly and defend Britt. Jillian called Britt "the sweetest, most pure-hearted person" and said that Carly is an insecure person whose "insecurity and jealousy just shines through."

In an Instagram post, Britt thanked Jillian for "always having [her] back" and declared her to be like a sister and a true friend. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Britt may be in the running to be the next Bachelorette.

While Carly Waddell didn't apologize to Britt Nilsson during the special, which was filmed two Saturdays ago, Carly did admit during an interview with station WFAA early Monday morning that she regrets hurting Britt.

"I really did like [Britt] until I had a reason not to trust her. I really did... I do have to say that there's a few moments where I said some things I do regret. I didn't want to come off with the intention of sounding like that. Um, I was trying to be funny at some points and they did not come out funny and they hurt her feelings. And I am sorry for those specific instances. I'm just not sorry for telling him about what happened."

One woman who confronted Chris Soules about the way he treated her was Jade Roper. Jade told Chris that her Playboy spread ruined relationships before, and he should've been more honest with her if that was the real reason why he sent her home. She also told him how upset she was that he wrote in his blog that he was "disturbed" by their hometown date after her brother described her as a "wild mustang." Chris assured Jade that he didn't send her home because of her nude photos and admitted that he should've said "caught off guard" instead of "disturbed."

Jade Roper made it clear that she didn't get all the answers from Chris that she was hoping for.

As for Kaitlyn Bristowe, who left Bali in shock after Chris declined to give her a rose on last week's episode, she told Bachelor alum Andi Dorfman that she had to bite her tongue and then joked that it was "so sore" to former Bachelor contestants Kelly Travisty and Sharleen Joynt.
Kaitlyn Bristowe's departure from the show last week leaves Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff as the two final women vying for Chris Soules' heart. The finale airs Monday, March 9, on ABC.

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