Princess Diana Seduced Eric Clapton, New Biography Claims

A new biography on Eric Clapton has claimed that the legendary guitarist was once seduced by Princess Diana.

This claim has been made in Motherless Child: The Definitive Biography of Eric Clapton, written by author Paul Scott, excerpts of which are currently being published in the Daily Mail.

The pair allegedly first got together in 1993, just after Diana had divorced from Prince Charles. They are thought to have first caught each other’s attention when they were both regulars at San Lorenzo, one of London’s most famous and popular Italian restaurants.

In fact, in his book, Scott alleges that it was Diana who seduced Clapton. Scott cites an insider, who claims to have been a friend of Clapton’s, and insists that they were also on speaking terms with Diana, as his source on the scoop.

“According to a society friend of Clapton’s, who was also on speaking terms with Diana, the attraction between them was ‘absolutely obvious.’ ‘There was a Carry On film element to it,’ says the friend. ‘A lot of winking and overtly steamy looks. A story went around that one time when she and Eric were both at San Lorenzo, Diana began sucking suggestively on a piece of ice as she gave him the eye. Everyone loved that’.”

Scott asked his source whether or not the pair later hooked up, with the insider declaring, “Well, they were both free agents and Eric’s always liked a challenge.”

This wasn’t the first time that the pair had met. Scott’s book explains, “They had first been introduced backstage at a charity concert for Prince Charles’ the Prince’s Trust at Wembley Arena in June 1987.”

In fact, Clapton later admitted that he felt he’d made a social faux-pas during their original encounter. “Clapton later cringed that he had rather presumptuously addressed her as ‘Di’,” Motherless Child recalls. “For her part, the princess didn’t bat an eyelid.”

Eric Clapton has a long list of sexual conquests. If the former Princess of Wales did indeed hook up with the former Cream guitarist, then she would join the likes of Carla Bruni, Sheryl Crow, Sharon Stone, and Christy Turlington.

Motherless Child: The Definitive Biography of Eric Clapton also documents the guitarist’s relationship with Carla Bruni, as well as the fact that Mick Jagger took stole her from him, even though Clapton had pleaded with the Rolling Stones singer, “Please, Mick, not this one. I think I’m in love.”

Motherless Child: The Definitive Biography of Eric Clapton will be released on March 12.

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