Michelle Parker Missing Person Case: Police Search Continues For ‘People’s Court’ Mom

Michelle Parker has been missing since November, 2011, but the police and her family have not given up on their search for the missing Orlando woman. Parker disappeared on the day that her episode of the People’s Court aired on television, according to ABC News. The episode was filmed during the summer months.

On the episode, Parker faced off with her ex-fiancé, Dale Smith, over a lost engagement ring. Parker lost the case, and she was forced to pay the man $2,500. Smith is a person of interest in the disappearance of Parker, but he has not been charged. His attorney has spoken out to defend his client. The man stands by his innocence, and he is currently raising the twins he shared with Michelle Parker in Tennessee.

Last week, police decided to revisit Michelle Parker’s disappearance as a part of training exercise. One hundred officers searched an area that had been searched not long after the woman’s disappearance. Her cell phone last pinged in the area about two weeks after she turned up missing. The area is also near the former home of her ex-fiancé, according to Fox Orlando.

Police searched an area of Belle Isle near Orlando International Airport. Michelle’s mother, Yvonne Stewart, did not initially reveal what the police were looking as they searched the area for three hours on Friday, but a report from Mail Online revealed that the police were looking for a missing decal that might have been taken from Parker’s Hummer on the day of her disappearance.

The search did not turn up any new evidence, and this was difficult for the missing woman’s family. Yvonne Stewart, and Michelle’s father, Brad Parker, were both present during the police search on Friday.

Michelle’s mother, Yvonne, spoke with the media about the new search.

“I don’t like it. It makes me angry that we have to go through this all the type because it’s really painful and hard but I’m happy. It’s agony not knowing what happened to your child. They thought they should go back and take a look at these woods.”

Brad Parker also spoke out about his daughter’s disappearance, and he has not given up hope that his daughter will be found alive. He made a plea asking anyone that has information about her disappearance to come forward when he spoke to the media, according to News 13.

“They’re trying to find (out) what happened to Michelle and the FBI is on it too. So, it’s just a matter of time when we’re going to find out what happened to Michelle. If you know something say something. Somebody knows something. Just like they said, it was just not one person. There were three or four people involved in Michelle’s disappearance.”

Parker also revealed that the police plan to search the area again once it dries up. The area is located in a wetland.

After several years, the possibility of finding a missing person alive does lessen. However, earlier this month, the kidnapping case of a baby in South Africa ended with a safe return. It just took 17 years, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

A coincidence led to the missing girl’s discovery. Now age 17, her younger sister began attending the same school, and the pair even became friends. After the parents met the teen for themselves, they saw the resemblance between the two girls, and a DNA test was run. The teen’s supposed mother was arrested, and she will appear in court later this week.

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