WWE News: Hulk Hogan’s Banner At Madison Square Garden Has Already Been Removed

This past Friday night, WWE held “Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night” during a house show at Madison Square Garden. Many of Hogan’s former partners in the business appeared at the show to honor Hogan, including Jimmy Hart, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair, Howard Finkel, and Triple H. The ring ropes were colored in Hogan’s red and yellow. The outside of Madison Square Garden was even lit up in Hogan’s trademark colors. And perhaps most notably, WWE raised a banner to the MSG rafters honoring Hulk. Now, it appears that banner is no more.


As evidenced by the tweet from WWE above, it was expected that the Hulk Hogan banner would remain in Madison Square Garden for eternity. However, a report today from PWInsider has pointed out that the banner has in fact already been removed from the rafters.

Fans apparently noticed the absence of Hogan’s banners during a New York Knicks game against the Toronto Raptors Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.

After multiple wrestling media outlets started reporting the absence of the Hulk Hogan banner today, WWE was reached for comment.

“The banner was a part of our show and was never intended to stay at MSG.”

That is an interesting comment from WWE, considering the tweet that was issued by their official Twitter account on Saturday night, claiming that the banner would hang “forever” in the Madison Square Garden rafters. Hulk Hogan has not yet commented on the removal of his banner.

Accounts from the show Friday night at MSG revealed that it was an emotional night for Hulk Hogan. However, it was the banner raising itself that really seemed to choke up Hogan. Despite Hulk reportedly being on the verge of tears all night, it was almost too much for Hulk to handle when he saw his name raised alongside New York’s all-time greatest athletes.

Although Madison Square Garden decided to take down Hogan’s banner, the building did give Hulk a nice gift during his appreciation night ceremony.


Hulk reportedly gave credit to Triple H for his 2014 return to WWE. Hogan had been working for TNA Wrestling prior to that, and a return to WWE had seemed unlikely during that time period. However, Triple H convinced Hulk to return to the company that made him a worldwide superstar and world champion. In fact, Hogan won his first WWE title at Madison Square Garden in 1984 by defeating the Iron Sheik.

[Image via BusinessInsider.com]