Jillian Jacobson Update: Hanged Teacher Found By Students Could Have Been Depressed Over Father’s Suicide

Jillian Jacobson was found dead by students inside a classroom at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California, on Monday morning. According to OC Weekly, Mrs. Jacobson’s body was found hanged in an apparent suicide. While police have indicated that they don’t believe any foul play was involved, the coroner has not confirmed the details, and an autopsy is scheduled for later this week. Authorities didn’t find any kind of suicide note at the school, but were reportedly looking for one, perhaps at Jacobson’s home.

“From what I gather, she was very popular, well-liked by the students and faculty. It was definitely a shock to everybody,” said Placentia Police Lt. Eric Point.

Many students, faculty, friends, and family members are in complete shock over what they learned today. Most say that Jacobson was really well-liked, and that she didn’t seem sad or depressed at all. Interestingly enough, some of her students said that Jacobson told them that her father committed suicide, and she would always talk to them about the importance of suicide prevention.

It is unknown if Jacobson’s father really did kill himself, but if students were being truthful, this could be the reason that this woman did what she did. Why she did it at the school, however, is quite curious.

Jillian Jacobson was a 31-year-old photography instructor at the school. According to KTLA, she was married, and her husband was notified of her death. It is presumed that authorities will speak with him as part of their investigation. Staff members who were close to Jacobson may also be interviewed by police working on the case.

It is believed that Mrs. Jacobson went into her classroom around 7 a.m., and that she was able to tie something up — perhaps attached to a light on the ceiling — and hang herself from it. When students arrived for class, the door was locked — something that was strange. When another teacher unlocked the door, all were completely devastated by what they saw.

The rest of the school was called to an assembly where they were told the tragic news, and then they were sent home for the day. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the school said that grief counselors will be on hand to help students cope with the tremendous loss.

It is clear that Jillian Jacobson will be deeply missed.

“We lost a very important faculty member. She was the greatest teacher that was here. She was an amazing teacher. It was a terrible thing that happened today,” said one of her students.

More details are expected to be released by the end of the week.

[Photo courtesy of Fullerton]