Amanda Bynes Slowly Conquering Bipolar Disorder

Like anyone else, celebrities wrestle with mental health and substance abuse problems; but, they contend with the added discomfort of the media’s all-seeing eye. Actress and designer Amanda Bynes, who is reportedly improving after conservatorship was awarded to her mother in 2014, is among a younger generation of child stars battling addiction and psychiatric distress.

According to an unnamed family member, “Amanda is doing much better from where she was months ago,” ABC News revealed. A California native weeks from her 29th birthday, Amanda Bynes has had a series of ups and downs both in her career and personal life. In September, 2014, Bynes was arrested in Sherman Oaks, California after failing to properly stop for a red light.

Bynes’ recent arrest occurred while the former Nickelodeon star was on probation for a slew of DUI incidents. Two years earlier, Amanda Bynes had multiple run-ins with the law, the most notable of which lead to the actress pleading guilty to two counts of hit-and-run. Once officials found Bynes competent to stand trial, she was sentenced to three years of probation, according to CNN.

As Inquisitr recently reported, Amanda Bynes’ September, 2014, DUI charges were dropped last month to the surprise of many who felt the offense merited a probation violation. Although no one was injured in last year’s incident, the decision to forfeit pursuit of DUI charges made by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office could be a reflection on the actress’s progress since the arrest.

Less than two months after her arrest and subsequent psychiatric evaluation, Amanda Bynes Tweeted an update to her fans indicating she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and was under the care of a psychologist and psychiatrist, People reported. A condition characterized by severe mood swings, erratic behavior, and a pattern of making risky decisions, Bipolar Disorder can lead to psychosis, per the National Institute of Mental Health.

Affecting millions of Americans, Bipolar Disorder is not uncommon in Hollywood. Veteran stars Carrie Fisher, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Linda Hamilton have all been open about their struggles with the illness, how it affected their lives, and what they’ve done to keep it under control. Both Fisher and Van Damme, like Amanda Bynes, experienced the disorder while coping with substance abuse.

Thus far, Amanda Bynes remains in the process of recovery and is limited in her ability to make financial and health decisions. Once temporary conservatorship expires, however, it’s unclear whether or not Bynes will comply with medical recommendations. Last year, E Online noted that Bynes’ DUI arrest came less than three weeks after the previous conservatorship order expired.