Stephen Colbert Talks About His Catholic Faith — Yes, You Read That Right [Video]

Comedian Stephen Colbert discussed his Catholic faith with Father James Martin, senior editor for American Magazine, in a video released on Monday. A heavily bearded Colbert, à la George the Fifth, sang and danced away while being interviewed by Father Martin.

Given his performance as an aloof Republican Catholic on The Colbert Report, one would be forgiven if they thought that the real Stephen Colbert was a godless heathen, as his retired late night character would so often put it.

In the video, Colbert was asked a variety of questions by Father James Martin that ranged from the pope to his favorite Catholic hymn.

“Thank you for being on our little show here,” Father Martin began.

Losing none of his wit while on hiatus, Colbert replied, “It’s more show than I have right now. I’ve given up being on television for Lent.”

Colbert was then asked what he would ask the pope given the opportunity.

He replied, “What do you do to get that smile on your face in the morning?”

“I remember hearing about Mother Teresa talking about getting up and saying, ‘you smile and say “yes.” ‘ The pope seems so happy. I wonder, ‘what’s your regimen in the morning?’ ‘What do you do in the first five minutes you get out of bed in the morning?’ “

Stephen went on to reveal that used Mother Teresa’s routine after returning to his CBS office from a funeral.

“He’s the rock, but the rocks are between the ears,” Colbert said, pointing at his head.

“Because he has the insight or the grace to know that [Jesus] is the Savior, but still, he denies Christ — he’s always angry. I like him because he’s super-flawed. And yet he gets the biggest job! He gets to be pope!”

The 50-year-old comedian disclosed that his confirmation name was Simon, remarking that it was once Peter’s name before Christ gave him his new name, in memory of his brother Peter who had died.

Colbert was then asked his favorite scripture from the Bible. In response, he recited a verse from Matthew, Chapter 6, due Jesus commanding his disciples not to worry. He also revealed that the passage was read at his wedding.

Colbert ended the interview in song and danced when he was asked his favorite hymn, to which he replied “Here I Am Lord” and “O Come, O Come Immanuel.”

Stephen Colbert is set to make his CBS debut on September 8, replacing the legendary David Letterman.

[Image via Frank Micelotta / Getty Images]