Jas Prince Issues Warning To Birdman Over Drake Debt

Jas Prince has issued a warning to Birdman and Cash Money Records over their current lawsuit regarding the money he’s owed for negotiating Drake’s deal with the label.

Jas Prince made his remarks to TMZ, via Hip Hop DX, where he declared that he wants “everything that’s owed” to him by Cash Money Records.

According to Music Times, Prince revealed that he is owed more than the $2 million the company has previously given him. Drake is estimated to have made around $40 million for Cash Money Records.

Prince, who is the son of J. Prince, the founder of Rap-A-Lot Records, was also asked about the chance of Birdman making Drake’s business information public. And he declared that Birdman and Cash Money need to do that, as he responded, “He need to.”

Meanwhile he also admitted that he has now decided to take a step-back so that his lawyers can do their jobs with the lawsuit. “Lawyers dealing with it,” he remarked. “It takes time when you dealing with lawyers. I’m trying to be patient.”

Meanwhile he also added that his father isn’t likely to intervene with another “courtesy call” now that legal proceedings are underway. “If s*** don’t get right you might,” he explained. “No more calls. We do the talking one time. One and done.”

Jas Prince began his lawsuit against Birdman and the hip-hop label back in 2012. He was looking to be remunerated for his integral role in getting Drake signed to his contract with Young Money.

Prince later declared that he hadn’t been paid what he was owed from this deal, while he also claimed that both Birdman and Cash Money Records hadn’t divulged how much they’d earned from Drake too.

This is what led to the release of J. Prince’s “Courtesy Call” song last month, which was devised as a “diss track” to Cash Money and Birdman.

[Image via Uproxx]