‘GTA V’ Story-Based DLC Now Reportedly In Development To Expand Single Player Campaign

While many are waiting for either the upcoming PC release of Grand Theft Auto V or next week’s launch of co-op heists within GTA Online, it seems that the developer is still interested in showing more of the GTA V narrative through DLC. According to a report by Game Center Online, an undisclosed source at Rockstar Games recently shared that first DLC pack for GTA V might continue the story revolving around Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

Despite the team’s recent focus on online heists, the source stated that the developer still has more in store for fans the single player campaign of GTA V. Furthermore, Rockstar Games is expected to make an announcement soon.

The last time that the possibility for DLC to expand upon Grand Theft Auto V‘s single player campaign was discussed came after Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor who played Franklin, told fans late last year that he was reprising his GTA V role. As the Inquisitr reported, Fonento claimed that he had begun recording lines for the upcoming add-on.

Any possible future DLC for Grand Theft Auto V will likely only add story-based content for the title’s single player mode. This is because Rockstar Games has remained committed to the idea of release all content patches for the games online multiplayer mode as free update downloads.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

The developer previously revealed that they have been able to keep releasing all new GTA Online content for free because they sell in-game cash. The added sales from GTA V Shark Cards have helped ensure that Rockstar Games doesn’t need to rely on selling DLC to continue making a profit off of Grand Theft Auto V. As such, any purchasable add-on for GTA V will likely focus entirely on expanding the game’s single player campaign.

Even though new DLC rumors are now circulating regarding the possible first DLC release for GTA V, Rockstar Games has not yet officially many any announcements that they even have a plan to make an add-on for the game. In the past, the developer has expressed their interest in adding new story content to GTA V, so there’s a good chance that DLC could indeed be heading to the open-world crime title. Gameranx also reported that the content is rumored to not appear on last-gen hardware. However, until Rockstar makes a full announcement on the topic, fans should treat all details on DLC for GTA V as speculation.

Grand Theft Auto V released last year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 following the game’s original launch in 2013 on last-gen platforms. PC players will also get a chance to play GTA V next month as Rockstar Games is preparing for the title’s PC launch. Additionally, cooperative multiplayer heist missions will finally be available in GTA Online starting March 10.

Would you be interested in playing story-based DLC for GTA V or are you only interested in the game’s online mode?

[Images via Rockstar Games]