Mystery Solved: Hidden Tunnel Was Man Cave

Two men in their 20s built the mysterious tunnel that was found on York University’s campus last month. The tunnel was the subject of intense speculation about possible terror attacks due to its location near the site of the upcoming Pan Am Games. Police in Toronto have concluded their investigation and have determined that there was no criminal intent. The men built the tunnel as a man cave.

Police spokesman Victor Kwong told CBC News, “It is simply two guys who just wanted to dig a cave. That really is what our investigation has led to… they just wanted to dig a cave to hang out.”

The men managed to dig a nearly 30-foot tunnel that was tall enough for them to stand in comfortably. When the tunnel was discovered, there were tools, food, and drinks inside, as well as power and light supplied by a generator.

CBC News reports that police have credited the intense media interest for generating tips that helped locate the men. The owner of some of the tools located at the scene called police when he recognized his equipment, which he had loaned to an employee.

A few people have been poking fun at the situation on Twitter now that the tunnel is not deemed to be a security threat.

The Globe and Mail reports that Toronto police have closed their investigation and that no charges will be filed against the two men, whose names were withheld since there is no criminal investigation.

Kwong is reported to have said that “the men had ‘no idea’ they weren’t allowed to dig in a public park and were apologetic during their interview with police.”

Despite assurances from police, some might speculate that there’s more to this man cave story than meets the eye. Why do you think the men really built the tunnel?

[Image: Yahoo! News]