‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ Rumors Claim New Writer-Director, Trilogy In The Works, And A Fight With Iron Man

Following the news that Marvel and Sony had finally come to an agreement over the sharing of Spider-Man, there’s even more news concerning everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Word has it that Spider-Man will be appearing in not one, not two, but three upcoming films — and that’s not all.

The latest news comes by way of Latino Review, which scooped the comic book movie-loving world a few months back with word that Marvel and Sony were close to a deal that would allow Marvel to use Spider-Man – which Sony owns the film rights to – in Marvel’s more successful cinematic universe. Rumors of the finalization of that deal were only officially confirmed a few weeks back, and now more details are leaking out on just what form Spider-Man will take when he hits the big screen in his next incarnation.

According to the latest reports, Spider-Man will take the screen in a three part series, which would reportedly come out over consecutive summers. In order to fully break with Sony’s existing Spider-Man movies, the new series could be called The Spectacular Spider-Man, a nod to one of Marvel’s ongoing comic series.

Spider-Man fans worried about Sony’s handling of the character might be relieved to know that the reboot would reportedly pull the plug on the entirety of Sony’s current Spider-Man plans. That means the Sinister Six movie – hinted at in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – is on hold. That means no Aunt May movie. That means no female-led Spider-Man properties. All of those are dead or on the back burner, at least for now.

The Sinister Six film, at least, could be revived, depending on how the new Spider-Man reboot performs. Word has it that the next Spider-Man movie will set up the Sinister Six, but no concrete plans exist as of right now.

Drew Goddard, who was slated to direct the Sinister Six film, is reportedly on deck to direct The Spectacular Spider-Man, and the new report says that Goddard will also handle the writing duties for the film, as well.

Just what form will Spider-Man take in the newest version? Marvel and Sony will apparently ditch Spidey’s origin story for this go-round, as most parties believe that the moviegoing public is familiar enough with the origin of the character. Marvel will still, though, keep Spider-Man quite young. The character is said to be in high school, with the thought being that whichever actor takes on the role of Spider-Man will be able to “grow up into the role,” doing “multiple trilogies for years a la Harry Potter.”

It also looks like the next Spider-Man movie will grow directly out of next year’s Captain America: Civil War, a film in which some observers expect we’ll get our first look at the new Spider-Man. Latino-Review‘s newest scoop says that “a major part of the first film will involve Spider-Man fighting Iron Man and then trying to pass the ‘audition’ to join the Avengers.” Comic lovers will already know that that plot dovetails nicely with the events of Civil War in the comics, even if some elements are out of place.

What’s notable about the new report is what’s missing: the name Peter Parker. Ever since the rebooted-reboot was announced, fans have wondered if Marvel would stick with the classic man-behind-the-mask, Peter Parker, or if they would go out on a limb and introduce a new Spider-Man. Marvel and Sony seemingly confirmed that it would be Parker behind the mask when initially announcing the agreement, but rumors have been circulating that it could well be Miles Morales in the role of Spider-Man this time around, or even another character.