Melee In Bronx Deli: Police Searching For ‘Pack Of Thugs’ Following Brutal Beat Down In The Bronx [Video]

A melee in a Bronx deli has police on the lookout for a “pack of thugs.” According to the New York Daily News, a verbal argument turned physical in the very early hours of Sunday morning. It is unclear what the original fight was about, but three people were badly beaten by the suspects when things clearly took a bad turn.

“The video shows one of the victims getting mauled by the group after he scuffled with one of the suspects; at one point, a woman smacks him using a metal display rack. Two other male suspects are also seen entering the store and sucker punching the victim in the head and sides.”

The melee in the Bronx deli sent all three victims to the hospital. Two of the victims suffered stab wounds, and another had facial fractures. According to Mail Online, seven people are being sought by police — and not all of them are male. Two females and five males all took part in the beatings, which were caught on tape by the deli’s security camera. The physical altercations are so violent that the video is hard to watch.

“The video shows one victim getting attacked by the group after he had exchanged words with one of the suspects. A woman can seen picking up a metal display rack and repeatedly smashing it into the man’s body. The victim was held by suspects as others punched and attacked him as they moved throughout the store. Two of the male suspects appear to sucker punch one victim in the head and side.”

Apparently the fight spilled out onto the sidewalk for a period of time before all seven suspects fled the scene. They left with about $60 and two cell phones. It’s possible that police will be able to track the phones and find these people.

The melee in the Bronx deli ended before anyone was killed. That’s not the same for what happened at a deli in New Jersey in January. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, alleged robber Mark Robinson was actually shot and killed when the deli owner pulled out a gun and shot him before he could do any kind of harm himself. There has been some debate about that, which you can read about here.

As for the New York case, anyone who has any information about the suspects should call the NYPD without hesitation.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]