Lacey Spears’ Social Media Gets Her Anti-Social Sentence

Lacey Spears’ blog and other social media platforms seem to have helped to incriminate her actions. It goes to show that you’ve got to be careful what you post.

You hear about this kind of thing all the time. You’re warned about it from co-workers, your boss, relatives, friends, even from people you don’t know — you have to watch what you post on the internet, especially via social media outlets.

Lacey seems to have been found posting indirectly-heinous information. The information in itself wasn’t malicious, however, in hindsight, the intent seems to have been well-researched, thought-out, and planned.

Spears, an Alabama native, had social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. However, the only one which seems openly accessible — still — is Lacey’s Twitter profile and blog. In a way, everyone seeks some kind of attention. Otherwise, there would be no need for social media sites, right? Well, in accordance, it’s widely speculated that Spears’ updates and posts were shared specifically because she loved the attention she was getting from others about her son’s, Garnett’s, situation and circumstance.

As CBS News’ Crimesider notes, Lacey’s been accused of having a condition called Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome (MBPS). According to KidsHealth, this is a mental disorder where a person (in this case, Spears, the primary caregiver of a child) tends to exaggerate or even fabricate a child’s illnesses or symptoms. Specifically, it states as follows.

“In MBPS, an individual — usually a parent or caregiver— causes or fabricates symptoms in a child. The adult deliberately misleads others (particularly medical professionals), and may go as far as to actually cause symptoms in the child through poisoning, medication, or even suffocation. In most cases (85%), the mother is responsible for causing the illness or symptoms.

“Typically, the cause is a need for attention and sympathy from doctors, nurses, and other professionals. Some experts believe that it isn’t just the attention that’s gained from the ‘illness’ of the child that drives this behavior, but also the satisfaction in deceiving individuals who they consider to be more important and powerful than themselves.”

Lacey Spears' Son - Garrett - Before Death
Credits: Lacey Spears' Blog | Garrett's Journey This is a photo of Garrett enjoying a bit of peanut butter, sometime prior to his death.

Many people know that things aren’t always as they appear. Yet, sometimes, they are exactly as they appear. Only Lacey and Garnett really know what things were at the time of these incidents.

However, the tweets and Garnett’s photos from Spears’ blog might hint that things could’ve been a bit emphasized. From 2009, almost every tweet made by Lacey was made with mention of her son. Just to state, this writer’s intent is to take nothing away from Spears’ love for her son. From the updates and posts, it’s seemingly apparent that she loved him.

Though there were several others, after the last tweet, there were no more added to Lacey’s account. However, Spears did make two additional posts to her blog thereafter, one in 2011 and another in 2012 — and a series of photos in between those times.

Nevertheless, the evidence somewhat implies in contrast to her outward expression to the public. According to the same CBS News report, it states as follows.

“The evidence included two feeding bags found in Spears’ apartment that were heavily tainted with salt, including one that Spears asked a friend to hide. One bag had the equivalent of 69 McDonald’s salt packets in it, a forensic toxicologist testified.

Also in evidence were many of Spears’ postings on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and a blog and her online research into the dangers of sodium in children.”

How suspicious is the social media activity in relation to the her proposed acts? Do you think Lacey’s being framed? Did Spears crave the attention so much that she ended up hurting her child, accentuating the existence of the aforementioned disorder? Feel free to share your thoughts on Lacey Spears.

[Feature Image via USAToday]