'The Voice' Recap: Adam Levine And Pharrell Tied For Most Team Members

The Voice coaches always try to give advice to contestants whether they turn their chair for them or not, and when Adam Levine tried to impart his musical wisdom after one blind audition, what was meant to be good advice and gracious acceptance turned into the comedic highlight of the night.

Travis Ewing had just completed his audition for The Voice, turning every chair but Levine's. When the Maroon 5 front man started giving him advice, he stopped himself, saying it didn't matter what he thought, because "I'm an idiot."

"I'm with you on that," replied Ewing, before either realized he'd made an accidental diss. Or was it accidental?

There was one critique of this episode of The Voice, however. While the show cut out several performances of contestants who made respective teams, Adam Levine did an "audition" taking up time from showcasing those performers. Isn't The Voice about giving new artists exposure? Just saying.

Anyway, here's how the action broke down on the third night of The Voice blind auditions.

Team Blake

As soon as Voice fans heard her country twang it was clear who Kelsie May would likely pick as a coach on The Voice, but when she chose Loretta Lynn's "You're Looking at Country," there was absolutely no doubt. Well, except maybe Christina and Pharrell, who also turned their chairs. Aguilera gave it her best shot though, reminding Kelsie that she would be the only country artist on her team and slyly undermining Shelton's musical knowledge.
"Me and Pharrell were looking at each other... You were hitting those runs -- what we call [them] in our world -- to Blake they mean something else... "
Despite Christina's best efforts, there was no way this one was going any other way than Blake Shelton. Kelsie became Shelton's first female country artist on this season of The Voice.

Blake also scored the biggest upset of the night on The Voice when he lured Jacob Rummell away from Adam Levine, shocking the other coaches as well as himself. Shelton naturally had to give Levine grief about losing.

"You know when you screwed up? When you started talking."
Never fear, the bromance of The Voice is intact, as evidenced by Adam running over and kissing Blake's cheeks.

Rummell also illustrated one of the great things about The Voice, when an artist's appearance doesn't match what the coaches were expecting. Watch the video to see it in action, and see why everyone was so surprised he went with Team Blake.

Team Christina

Christina Aguilera picked up Sonic, a singer from San Francisco who can hit the high notes, and pop singer Clinton Washington. Washington's audition was one of those cut for time on The Voice tonight. But Aguilera scored on the last audition of the night, the heavily-contested India Carney, performing "New York State of Mind." Despite the fierce competition of all four coaches on The Voice, the pop diva put the boys in their places and brought Carney to her side.

Team Pharrell

You have to be a brave woman to take on certain singers, and Tina Turner is one of them. Kimberly Nichole chose "Nutbush City Limits," and there's no shame in not quite living up to the original, but not only did she land Pharrell as her coach on The Voice, Aguilera threatened to steal her away if she got the chance, regretting not turning her chair.

He also picked up Noelle Bybee, and Ewing, bringing his team to eight, tying Adam Levine for Voice team slots filled.

Team Adam

Levine picked up Fargo resident Michael Leier, who was adamant that people don't talk like the TV show or movie of the same name in his hometown. When Blake immediately said "Fargo, you betcha," Adam chimed in.
"Don't make fun of his native language."
Leier went with Team Adam for his coach for The Voice, and Levine had Barry Minnefield all to himself, employing a new strategy of not letting on how much he wants an artist and turning his chair at the last second.

The strategy seems to have worked, because the one coach shut out on the premiere of The Voice is now tied for the most team members with Pharrell, both with eight of 12 slots filled. But Blake and Christina are hot on their heels with seven members each.

The current team standings for The Voice, with new team members in bold:

  • Team Blake: Sarah Potenza, Cody Wickline, Joshua Davis, Brooke Adee, Kelsie May, Jacob Rummell, Matt Snook
  • Team Xtina: Rob Taylor, Treeva Gibson, Gabriel Wolfchild, Joe Tolo, Sonic, Clinton Washington, India Carney
  • Team Pharrell: Lowell Oakley, Sawyer Fredericks, Meghan Linsey, Anthony Riley, Mia Z, Kimberly Nichole, Travis Ewing, Noelle Bybee
  • Team Adam: Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Blaze Johnson, Deanna Johnson, Michael Leier, Bren'nae DeBarge, James McNeiece, Barry Minnefield, Nicolette Mare'
Blind auditions continue Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

[Photo by NBC Universal]