Pregnant Model, Moms, And Kids Walk The Runway At Milan Fashion Week

A pregnant model in Milan made headlines when she proudly walked down the runway showing off her baby bump and a big smile on her face. Mothers and kids were also featured on Monday’s Fashion Week show.

This is not what we’re used to seeing from fashion designers, but maybe they have finally recognized that young women get pregnant at some point in their lives. Luckily, it seems that a beautiful woman can continue with her modeling career now, thanks to a famous Italian house.

Fashion designers are mostly male, hence, their focus has been on how to dress stylish women with amazing bodies without recognizing that most women don’t look like that. During Dolce & Gabbana’s show for Fashion Week in Milan, pregnancy and motherhood were celebrated.

Milan Fashion Week
Dolce & Gabbana model at Milan Fashion Week (Photo by Pietro D'Aprano)

The unusual “Viva La Mamma!” show had models with their own daughters gracing the catwalk, in addition to colorful designs reading “I love you mamma” — in several languages. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s own nieces and nephews created some of the designs used for the groundbreaking show.

For “regular” women who don’t have the figures of supermodels, it is refreshing to see that one of the most recognized names in the industry celebrate motherhood.

Model & child at Milan Fashion Week
Model & child at Dolce & Gabbana's Milan Fashion Week Show (Photo by Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images)

Karl Lagerfeld walked with a pregnant model on the catwalk in June of last year to close his show with loud applause from the audience, which included Kristen Stewart and Jared Leto. Regular women will find it refreshing that one of the most respected fashion houses in the world is following in Lagerfeld’s footsteps and allowing pregnant models to walk down the runway without hiding their bumps.

Monday’s show at Fashion Week was a “bring your child to work” day and several models, who are also mothers, were accompanied by their kids in adorable matching outfits. Pregnant model Bianca Balti’s child was clearly the youngest of the bunch, as it hasn’t been born yet.

Model Bianca Balti showing off baby bump at Milan's Fashion Week (Photo by Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images)

Despite the mommy day and pregnant model, Dolce & Gabbana has been harshly criticized for the lack of diversity they show in their hiring process. Out of the 89 women, there were only three Asians and two black models, which is much lower than the industry average, according to Refinery 29.

As unusual as this event was, it’s not the first time that this has occurred. As reported by the Inquisitr in 2012, model Raffaella Fico — pregnant with footballer Mario Balotelli’s child — proudly showed off her growing baby bump while wearing a bikini during Fashion Week in Milan.

[Photo by Pietro D’Aprano/Getty Images]