Elderly Woman Throws Boiling Water At Pregnant Teenager, Fight Started Over A Fence [Video]

A pregnant teenager from Formosa, Argentina, received burns after an elderly neighbor threw boiling water at her during a verbal argument. The pair were recorded by a friend of the young woman when the fight escalated to a point that physical harm was induced upon the teenage girl. The pregnant girl received burns from the attack that were later treated at a hospital. She became concerned that the boiling water may have harmed her unborn baby and decided to run from the scene of the attack, removing unnecessary clothing from her skin in the process. Police are currently investigating the attack.

Metro U.K. reported that the young woman, named Cynthia Almonte Lira, was arguing with her 63 year old neighbor, Celma Prado Bustos, over a garden fence that separated their homes. The argument started with the each of the woman in their doorways, but quickly escalated as the 19-year-old pregnant girl ran into the elderly woman’s back yard and continued her verbal assault from a closer distance. The young girl never approached the elderly woman directly, staying out of arms distance the entire time she yelled at Bustos. A young man stood by Lira’s side, pacing back and forth during the scuttle, and a third party recorded the entire ordeal.

The situation escalated when the elderly woman threw boiling water at Lira, which can be seen in the recorded video of the incident. Lira immediately ran from Bustos, screaming in pain. She quickly removed the clothing that became soaked in the boiling water and rubbed against the scabs that began to develop almost instantly. In the video, Lira can be seen running to her house, where young children can also be seen. Luckily, none of the young children were in the path of the boiling water.

The video shows the blisters that formed on Lira’s skin. Some of the blisters were prominently showing on her stomach, causing her to become concerned for the safety of her unborn child. Lira had her burns treated at the hospital and later released, according to KATM.

Police questioned Bustos about the incident and she replied that she felt threatened.

“It is my property, and I felt under threat, so I had to defend myself. I live here on my own and I’m elderly, so I have to make sure I let people know I’m not a pushover.”

The incident is currently under investigation by the police, beginning with the video footage.

[Photo Courtesy: KATM]