Tiger Woods Steroid Suspension Denied By PGA

A pro golfer who claimed that Tiger Woods was secretly suspended for steroids or PEDs has walked back the allegation.

In the meantime, both the PGA and Woods’ manager have denied any steroid sanctions.

On Friday, Dan Olsen, described in multiple media reports as “journeyman” pro golfer, declared on a Michigan sports radio station that Woods was hit with a secret 30-day suspension by the PGA Tour based on information another tour player gave him.

“I heard he’s on a month’s suspension… it’s kind of a strong witness. It’s a credible person who is telling me this. It’s not testosterone, but it’s something else. I think when it’s all said and done, he’s gonna surpass Lance Armstrong with infamy,” Olsen, 48, claimed.

He also alleged that oft-injured Woods was breaking the rules by using a so-called Nike cheater ball.

Under existing PGA tour policy, the suspension of a golfer for failing a performance-enhancing-drug test is disclosed publicly. The PGA started random PED drug testing in 2008. Only two players have thus far been suspended under the policy, neither of which obviously is Woods.

Today, Dan Olsen changed his tune considerably about the Tiger Woods steroid rumor, according to ESPN. “Everything I said on that radio interview was only my opinion and not based on any firsthand knowledge or facts. I want to make a full retraction to everything I said for the entire radio interview, and I apologize to Tiger, Nike, Phil [Mickelson], [commissioner] Tim Finchem and the PGA Tour,” said Olsen.

Reacting to Dan Olsen’s Friday Tiger Woods PED accusations, a PGA Tour executive declared that “There is no truth whatsoever to these claims. We categorically deny these allegations.”

Mark Steinberg, Tiger Woods’ agent, described Olsen’s claims as “absolutely, unequivocally and completely false. They are unsourced, unverified and completely ridiculous. The PGA Tour has confirmed that there is no truth to these claims,” according to a statement given to the Golf Channel.

Nike also chimed in about the golf ball scenario. “Every ball Tiger has put in competitive play from Nike has been thoroughly tested and approved by the USGA and R&A in accordance with their governing rules,” the company explained.

About two years ago, retired golf pro Greg Norman suggested that the sport’s random drug-testing procedure was subpar, as it were, because it is or was based on urine analysis rather than blood work.

Given the strong denials, do you think it is in any way plausible that Tiger Woods could have secretly failed a PED test?

[Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images Sport]