Snapchat Undercover: Strippers And Adult Film Stars Sell Photos, Videos On Snapchat

Snapchat allows users to send photos and videos that only last for a few seconds. The app’s worth was reported to be estimated at $19 billion, and Snapchat currently has over 200 million users. It’s no wonder some users would want to cash in. Strippers and adult film stars have found an effective way of making money with Snapchat. They will offer videos or photos in exchange for Snapcash, the app’s new payment feature.

The New York Times recently revealed Snapchat’s new cash cow.

“Strippers and porn stars have started to use Snapchat to send videos and photos of themselves naked for a small fee. Some transactions are as inexpensive as $1 to $5 for a few personalized photos. The prices can reach double digits for personalized sex shows.”

Snapchat doesn’t agree with this sort of practice, and they are trying to shut it down, according to the Times report. The sex industry is paving the way for strippers and adult film stars to make money on their smartphones. It’s already well-known that webcam models sell their Snapchat username for a certain amount of money. After the client sends the payment, he receives access to unlimited nude photos and videos on the app.

Snapchat originally started as a way to send photos to your friends and family members. Users would send a photo that lasts for only a few seconds and permanently deletes after the time runs out. Snapchat insists there’s no archive of users’ photos, and no one, but the person you send the photos to can see what you send.

Since the photos disappear quickly and easily, it’s no surprise that some users would want to send nude photos without the risk of being caught. Snapchat quickly earned its reputation as the sexting app ever since it was launched. According to the company’s co-founder Evan Spiegel, Snapchat is working hard to distance itself from being known as a sexting app.

However, this idea conflicts with the company’s introduction of Snapcash in November. This payment feature allows users to connect their bank accounts and send money via the app. By sending a specific dollar amount via message on Snapchat, it’s automatically transferred to his or her account. This new feature also makes it easy for strippers and adult film stars to earn money as they go about their day.

Snapchat’s community guidelines state that nudity and pornography are not allowed on the app. The company also released a public statement saying that they “have sophisticated systems in place to detect abuse and shut down accounts that violate our terms of use.” There have not been any reports as to whether Snapchat has shut down accounts belonging to strippers and adult film stars.

The New York Times did state that out of the 30 new Snapchat accounts that promised to share porn photos and videos, 28 of them were deleted within one week. It’s not known if the company has removed anymore accounts since. Do you think that strippers and adult film stars should profit from Snapchat?

[Image: Maurizio Pesce/Flickr]