WWE News: Top Diva Backstage at RAW–Scheduled For Wrestlemania Match

With Wrestlemania season upon us, expect big names and rumors regarding their Wrestlemania plans to increase tenfold in the weeks to come. The latest news comes via PWInsider Elite, as former WWE Divas champion AJ Lee is currently backstage at Monday Night RAW and is scheduled to make her return tonight.

Lee, 27, has been off WWE television for several months now, disappearing without any discernible cause or reason. The Union City, NJ native is the wife of former WWE champion and current UFC member CM Punk. Due to the nature of her involvement with the controversial former WWE superstar, many have questioned if Lee would ever return to the WWE.

However, Inquisitr reported a few days ago that WWE is planning a huge tag team match for Wrestlemania. The tag match would feature The Bella Twins going up against the tandem of “Frenemies,” Paige and AJ Lee. This comes on the heels of the Lee’s controversial Twitter remarks toward Stephanie McMahon.

A movement on Twitter which included the hashtag ‘#GiveDivasAChance’ put WWE into a corner to properly feature the female part of their roster. Lee took matters into her own hands when she tweeted the following to her boss in protest of the opportunities that the women in WWE are afforded.

The tweets didn’t go unnoticed as Stephanie McMahon thanked Lee for using her voice and saying what she wanted. However, in reality, those remarks didn’t sit well with the female McMahon as she was reportedly “furious” over being made to look weak on Twitter by a WWE employee.

Alternatively, WWE chairman Vince McMahon appreciated the remarks and urged fans to continue watching the product and the divas portion of the roster would get their opportunity soon enough.

It will be interesting to watch and monitor Lee’s progress in WWE upon her return. Considering that WWE doctor Chris Aman is filing a lawsuit against CM Punk and Colt Cabana regarding Punk’s controversial claims on Thanksgiving day. The claims included being misdiagnosed while suffering from a MRSA staph infection and overall negligence on Dr. Amann’s behalf. The lawsuit is reportedly worth $1 million.

Hopefully, her husbands issues with the company will not negatively impact her own wrestling career. Lee is undoubtedly one of the, if not the top divas in the company. Her return in her home state will likely garner a strong reaction from audience and lead to a proper showcase of female talent on the grandest stage of them all.

[Image via WWE]