Jessie James Decker Pregnant: 'Eric And Jessie: Game On' Star Expecting Second Baby

Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker are expecting their second baby and they shared the news via an Instagram post that fans will definitely love. Though Eric and Jessie welcomed baby Vivianne Rose just a year ago, it looks like the Eric & Jessie: Game On stars are anxious to expand their family.

Jessie shared a photo on Instagram showing the family all together. Both Jessie and Vivianne are in bikinis, which happen to be matching suits from Jessie's line with Amore and Sorvete, and the country singer's baby bump is proudly on display.

"Vivianne is so excited because she is going to be a big sister! We are over the moon about having another baby!!!" James Decker wrote.

As People shares, Eric and Jessie got married in June 2013 and welcomed their first child Vivianne Rose on March 18, 2014. Though so far the couple isn't detailing exactly when this next baby is due, it does look like Jessie is already quite a bit along in this pregnancy.

Jessie and Eric have shared their love for their little girl, noting that he is happy to do diaper changes and has done plenty of late-night parenting. She previously told E! Online that she loves everything about being a mom to Vivianne, and it seems that Jessie and Eric are constantly marveling over their little girl.

Given that, it surely comes as no surprise to Eric & Jessie: Game On fans that they are jumping right into having a second child as well. While Eric hasn't shared anything about the baby news on his own Instagram page, he shares a lot about Vivianne and his most recent post shows him snuggling with his little girl watching some cartoons.

Fans of the couple would love to see this second pregnancy play out on television just as the first did, but things seem a bit up in the air on that front at this point. Last summer Jessie said via Instagram that a third season was indeed on the way. However, she also said that they were taking a break for a bit to enjoy family time.

Nothing much more definitive than that has emerged in the months since. A few months ago, ESPN referenced that Eric & Jessie: Game On was on hiatus and could still come back, but it's clear that the family has a lot on their plate at this point.

With Eric a member of the New York Jets team now, Jessie getting new music out there, Vivianne about to turn one and another baby on the way, can the fan favorite family make time for a third season of their show? For now it looks like fans will have to stay tuned to see if the opportunity comes together.

Congratulations to Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker on their pregnancy! Fans can't wait to see the Eric and Jessie: Game On stars add a new baby to their busy family and they'll have to remain hopeful for now that the couple will bring another season of their show back to television.

[Image via Jessie James Decker's Instagram]