Pippa $250,000 Journalism: Kate Middleton’s Lil’ Sis Quietly Putting Pen To Paper

Pippa Middleton is no longer in the shadow of her royal sister, Kate Middleton, at least not on the business front. The Duchess of Cambridge’s y0unger sibling, known for her assets, quietly earned over $250,000 in her journalism career last year. It seems she’s writing about buns and other things as an accomplished writer, according to the Express.

Pippa rose to stardom in April of 2011 at the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Although it was Kate’s special day, Pippa’s posterior took center stage, thanks to a dress that accentuated her svelte figure. Today, she’s a successful journalist and entrepreneur.

Months ago, tabloids reported rumors that Queen Elizabeth and Pippa’s family were up in arms over her plans to accept a role as a journalist with Today. So far, despite reports that she inked a deal, she has not been seen in the show’s regular programming. During her first interview with Matt Lauer, Pippa talked about her penchant for journalism and writing. Who knew she’d be earning more than $250,000 doing it?

“I want to carry on writing. I’ve always loved writing. So that’s the plan. And a few other things in the pipeline. There’s so much I’d love to achieve. And I still want to keep up the sport and health side of things because that’s really important to me. So trying to blend that in with my love of writing and food and entertaining.”

According to UK business clearinghouse, Companies House, Pippa’s journalism income amounted to 250,000 British pounds which is equivalent to $383,925.00 in U.S. dollars as of this writing. Middleton is registered as the sole owner/operator of PXM Enterprises Limited. Additional sources of income include other publishing, which is likely based on earnings from her party-planning book, Celebrate. The English sports buff also has a thriving career in journalism, and she is contributor for Vanity Fair and Waitrose Kitchen magazine.

With Pippa’s successful journalism gigs, some sources are declaring the duchess’ sister the most successful member of the Middleton family. She is often compared to her brother, James, who apparently took on several business ventures which have all reportedly failed to reach profitability. All told, Pippa’s income from journalism, at over $250,000, is impressive, even by traditional standards (no name recognition).

Pip is no stranger to the limelight. Technically, she’s not a member of the royal family and does not serve in a role at the pleasure of The Queen. Perhaps, that explains why she is not afraid to show off a bit of skin here and there. Just last month, the 31-year-old Middleton was snapped donning bikini while she helped celebrate her mom’s 60th birthday on a private island.

At more than $250,000 income last year, Pippa’s journalism career is thriving, and it doesn’t hurt that her sister is married to a potential future King of England.

[Photo credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images]