Sam Faiers Reveals She Sleeps With One Direction’s Niall Horan, Kind Of

Sam Faiers recently revealed that she has a crush on One Direction’s Niall Horan. She likes the singer so much that she keeps a doll version of him by her bed every night. Sam also revealed that she owns the One Direction doll to keep another one of her “doll friends” happy.

Faiers revealed to the Daily Star that she has a crush on Horan. She said that she couldn’t resist his Irish charm.

She said, “I do fancy Niall. It’s the blonde hair and the Irish accent.”

The TV personality and model went on to reveal some strange things about her infatuation with Niall Horan. Some would say that these are revelations that you wouldn’t even admit to your own best friend.

“I actually have his doll at home, which is a bit weird. To be fair, a friend bought him for me. He’s in my bedroom next to a Jennifer Lawrence doll of Katniss from The Hunger Games.”

Faiers was previously engaged to Joey Essex, according to Unreality TV. It seems like she has her sights set on someone younger. Faiers, 24, is just a few years older than Horan, 21.

The blonde Irish singer does have a penchant for models. Niall was previously linked to Australian model Melissa Whitelaw. The two were spotted in various locations this month. It’s also been rumored that Niall has been hooking up with singer Samantha Jade, after she showed One Direction some support at one of their gigs.

It’s any wonder if Niall Horan will hear about Sam Faiers’ crush on him. Horan will be performing his last concert in Tokyo this week, as he continues to tour with One Direction on their On The Road Again world tour. With all the partying and touring that’s going on, Horan doesn’t seem to have the time for a steady girlfriend. It seems like he’s playing the field and enjoying the single life.

Niall should put his love life on hold for now. Fans were bombarding his rumored new girlfriend with threats and abuse on her Instagram page, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Melissa Whitelaw was faced with comments from One Direction fans who wrote that she “doesn’t deserve him” and that fans “will kill her” if she continues to date Niall.

We don’t know if Sam Faiers will now get death threats from One Direction fans after admitting her crush on Horan. Maybe she should lay low and stay away from the singer for now. This is just one of the setbacks of fame that Niall Horan and One Direction have to face as their popularity grows.

[Photo by Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images]