WWE News: ‘Daily Show’ Host Jon Stewart Set To Appear On ‘WWE Monday Night RAW’ Tonight

WWE Monday Night RAW will get a bit better tonight as The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is set to appear on the show. This all started when WWE Superstar Seth Rollins called out The Daily Show and said that he might take over for Jon Stewart when he steps down from the desk later this year and make the show watchable. This, of course, sent Stewart into a fury as he called out Rollins in a very funny way.

Stewart, of course, knew it was all storyline driven, but took it upon himself to get involved with it all and it ended up working out better than he thought. That led to Seth Rollins coming on The Daily Show last week at the end of the show to challenge Stewart to show up on WWE RAW tonight in Newark, New Jersey at The Prudential Center.

While Stewart has not yet publicly commented if he will be there or not after The Daily Show went off the air, WWE apparently told The Washington Post that Stewart accepted the challenge and will appear on WWE RAW tonight.

This is supposed to help drive a storyline forward involving Rollins. While it is speculated that the 52-year-old Stewart will not get involved into any major physical altercation, there is a chance something might happen with him physically. Jon is a big fan of WWE and loves watching with his son. Stewart last attended a WWE event at The Money in the Bank PPV last year, the very PPV that Rollins won The Money in the Bank ladder match.

This will most likely be brought up tonight on WWE RAW. The current plan for Seth Rollins is for him to take on “The Viper” Randy Orton at WrestleMania 31. Stewart will most likely not be thrown into that match, despite being a celebrity. While WWE likes to involve celebs in storylines, Stewart most likely won’t be thrown into a tag match of any sort.

What could be interesting is if Stewart is a manager of sorts for Orton at WrestleMania, which would allow Stewart to be involved in their WWE angle without having to get involved past a point he would risk getting hurt in the ring. We will have to see what WWE plans to do with Jon tonight. However, since Stewart is a big fan one would imagine that he’ll want to do something crazy tonight. What that will be is unknown at this time, but Stewart is a smart man….so it’ll probably be interesting.

[IMG Credit: WWE]