‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Lego Sets Offer Potential Plot Spoilers?

If you love LEGOs and you love all things Avengers, you’ll be excited to learn LEGO has released four Avengers: Age of Ultron sets. Trouble is, the toys may actually spill the beans on the film’s plot.

There isn’t a whole lot of info about the Age of Ultron LEGO sets (released today) except each one represents a part of the Avengers plot line, Yahoo Movies UK reported. This much is clear, however: If you want to be surprised when you see the film, don’t read on. Serious spoilers ahead.

First up, the Hydra Fortress Smash LEGO set. In it, you get a chance to free the Loki Scepter alongside the Avengers, using the Hulk and Captain America, whose job it is to disable a weapon on the rooftop of the Hydra fortress and free the scepter.

This LEGO set is a peak at the film’s pre-credits opening and reveals what happened to Loki’s scepter after it ended up with Hydra’s Baron Von Strucker. Notably, the scepter created Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and the Avengers resolve to get it back before more dangerous villains can be birthed.

Next is the Attack on Avenger’s Tower LEGO set. The toy description suggests the set is meant to reenact the interruption of the Avengers’ victory party by an Ultron attack – from the inside. Iron Man and Thor then work to defeat Ultron and ultimately, the Loki Scepter is stolen. The Avengers are thus in action-filled pursuit.

The trailer already reveals this plot point: the Avengers having a premature celebration of their success, only to be surprised by Ultron.

Up next is the Hulk Buster Smash LEGO set, which features a battle between the Scarlet Witch and Iron Man in their attempt to free a trapped Hulk, while Ultron Prime attacks from the sky.

This scene has been featured in the trailer, too, and is considered one of the most interesting parts of the Avengers film. The Hulk versus Iron Man (protected in his Hulkbuster armor) battle suggests Hulk is under the Scarlett Witch’s spell, and Ultron is trying to topple the Avengers from within.

Finally, in the The Avengers Quinjet City Chase LEGO set, the Quinjet is in pursuit of Ultron with Black Widow behind the wheel, Iron Man flying alongside and Captain America is in pursuit on the street.

This set may actually reveal a character who makes his debut in Age of Ultron – the Avenger Vision. This superhero is the brainchild of Iron Man and is meant to be a reincarnation of JARVIS.

In other Avengers: Age of Ultron news, a new poster has been revealed, according to MovieWeb. The poster features Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

No news about whether Hawkeye will get his likeness rendered in LEGOs.

[Photos Courtesy YouTube screengrab and Amazon]