Jenelle Evans Campaigns To Get Jace Back: ‘Our Smiles Are Always So Big’

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans may not be the world’s most popular reality star, but she definitely doesn’t care too much about what people are saying. Even though Evans has shared the highs and lows of her life as a young mother, Jenelle is now turning things around. She now wants full custody of her son, because she feels she has proven herself as a mother.

Jenelle Evans gave birth to her second son, Kaiser, last year, and she has been working on proving herself as a mother. Evans has been very vocal about wanting her son back in her care, but her mother doesn’t feel too happy about it. As revealed on Teen Mom, Barbara doesn’t want Jace to feel as if she betrayed him by letting him live with Jenelle.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she and her son actually have a blast when they are hanging out together. Evans has revealed that she is trying to get custody of him again. Jenelle gave up custody of Jace when he was just a few months old, because she couldn’t financially take care of him. But now, Jenelle wants to show everyone how much fun they have together.

“Our smiles are always so big when we r together,” Jenelle Evans tweeted, while sharing a picture of herself with her son, Jace.

Even though Evans is eager to show off their smiles as they are playing together, she also spent the day showing off how much fun they had over the weekend.

Of course, many fans remember the public breakup Jenelle and Nathan Griffith had on Twitter just two weeks ago. Apparently, Evans and her future husband kept fighting about the same things. Apparently, he has quite the temper and Jenelle often freaks out when she feels she isn’t being heard. In addition, he is being accused of mooching off Evans, who has been getting a regular paycheck from MTV for her involvement in Teen Mom.

And all of this arguing could be the reason why Jenelle Evans is campaigning for custody. Evans wants everyone to see how happy they are together as mother and son. According to the Inquisitr, it is apparent that Evans’ mother isn’t falling for it. The custody battle has already seen some twists and turns. Getting custody of Jace isn’t just a simple signature.

Do you think Jenelle Evans is campaigning to get her son back?

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