Facebook Scam Targets Users Who Don’t Want New Profile Design

Facebook recently announced that Timeline, the new profile design, will be rolling out to all users here very soon. For those who don’t like change or the new profile design, well, they’re out of luck as the change is mandatory and can’t be reverted back to the old.

This has upset some users as they claim it to be a breach of privacy, or they just don’t like it to begin with. Because of this, some people thought they could latch onto this fear and scam people in the process. Facebook pages are popping up around this scam and USA Today has more details:

“Many of the pages offer the same promise: a plug-in for your browser that will “disable” the new Timeline functionality. The developers even add helpful hints advising users to ignore software warnings that extensions, plug-ins, and other apps “can harm your computer.” The developers also suggest that you should “allow up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect,” which is a cute way of covering up the fact that absolutely nothing will happen.”

While to the average user that sounds all fine and dandy, it’s a potential way of getting access to your Facebook account or worse, access to your computer and the ability to find all sorts of confidential information. Timeline is not something that can be disabled, period, so keep an eye out for anything claiming to disable the new profile design and make sure to report the page.

What are your thoughts on the new Facebook Timeline? Good/bad?