Mayra Rosales Loses 800 Pounds: 'Half Ton Killer' Loses 800 Pounds, TLC Special Airs Wednesday

Mayra Rosales loses 800 pounds in an effort to find love at age 34. Rosales weighed 1,000 pounds, and was dubbed the "half ton killer" after she falsely confessed to killing her 2-year-old nephew by rolling over on him. According to Mail Online, the boy was actually killed when his mother (Mayra's sister) struck him in the head with a hairbrush. With her sister in prison, Mayra vowed to take care of the children, but she needed to lose weight to do so.

"Miss Rosales lost weight with the help of 11 surgeries, including a lap band surgery and extra skin removal procedures. She has also changed the way she thought about food," reports Mail Online.

Mayra Rosales lost 800 pounds since deciding to change her life back in 2011. In the first 10 days of her diet, Mayra dropped 100 pounds. She has since gotten great feedback from her doctors, and she is living a normal life -- something that she never thought was possible.

And other life changes were in store for Rosales as well. In 2013, she and her husband got divorced. She says the man that she married wanted to move back to Mexico to be with his family.

Photos on her Facebook page show her with what appears to be a new boyfriend, and she seems really happy.

"I'm not diabetic, I do not have high cholesterol, I do not have high blood pressure. Now I'm okay and my organs are perfect."
After losing 800 pounds, Mayra Rosales has a new love of life. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it seems as though there was something inside of her that just clicked, and that her self-motivation to lose the weight, and change her life is what ultimately caused her to succeed.

"I think Mayra is very motivated. Once you're in bed for several years, she had no life. Once she get up and walk and do things, you'll be amazed how motivated people become," said Dr. Younan Nowzaraden from My 600-Pound Life.

Rosales' story is quite amazing, and has inspired thousands of people. According to NewsOXY, TLC followed Mayra's journey, and will air the special Half Ton Killer: Transformed on Wednesday, March 4. Will you be tuning in?

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]