‘Walking Dead’ Town For Sale On eBay For $680,000

A town featured in The Walking Dead is currently being sold on eBay for $680,000. The purchase price includes approximately 25,000 square feet of land and nine buildings. Although the area is largely abandoned, Grantville, Georgia, is often used as a location for television programs and movies. Most recently, the downtown area was used as a set for the popular zombie series Walking Dead.

In addition to the purchase price, the buyer will be responsible for $4,524 in annual property taxes. However, the town is currently making approximately $6,500 in rental income each month.

As stated in the eBay advertisement, the buyer can also expect to receive income from television and movie production companies. According to the current owner, “three movies just signed up to film in Grantville two very well known actors will be staring in the roles. The other movie is a sequel to the very popular The Ring.”

Although it has been used as a set for several television programs and movies, true fans will recognize Grantville as the Walking Dead town. The popular AMC series, which was adapted from a series of graphic novels, debuted in 2010.

The Walking Dead chronicles the harrowing journey of former sheriff Rick Grimes, his children, and a group of other survivors, as they fight to survive a zombie apocalypse. The award-winning series, which is currently in its fifth season, remains one of the most popular current television programs.

As reported by International Business Times, Grantville was featured in The Walking Dead’s third season. In Episode 12, titled “Clear,” Rick and his son Carl return to their hometown to gather much-needed weapons and supplies.

While in the downtown area, Rick and Carl explore several buildings. Unfortunately, everything of value is gone and the town is overrun with zombies.

Jim Sells, who currently owns Grantville, said he hopes to attract “a big investor who can use [the] town to its fullest potential.” Sells said he would love to revitalize the town himself. However, he does not have the skill-set to make the necessary repairs.

Sells said a majority of the town’s income is from fans, hoping to see a glimpse of the Walking Dead town.

“Our main industry right now is… tourists… We’ve had people coming from all over the world because of The Walking Dead. That’s paying the bills downtown.”

Although the listed price for Grantville is $680,000, Sell said he would consider any reasonable offers for the Walking Dead town.

[Image via eBay]