Brownstone Freak Accident: Charmayne Maxwell Dies At 46 In ‘Mysterious’ Fall

An R&B singer who was a member of the trio girl group, Brownstone, died suddenly in what’s being described as a “freak” accident. Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell apparently suffered a fall on Friday in Los Angeles after a sporting event. Police have ruled out foul play and suicide as a cause of death. Charmayne Maxwell was 46, according to a Us Weekly report.

The news of Maxwell’s death was delivered on social media by her younger brother, Brandon. At the time, not much was known about her passing, but some outlets described the accident as “mysterious.” All is known is that the Brownstone singer fell and suffered a laceration to her neck from glass shards. Paramedics transported her to a hospital, but she died in the ambulance after loosing a large amount of blood.

The Brownstone member’s husband, Danish music producer, Carsten “Soulshock” Schack, who found his wife after the “freakish” accident, was implicated in Charmayne’s death by readers on various sites. However, LAPD countered these suspicions and said their early investigation has ruled out his involvement, according to a Daily Mail report.

Charmayne Maxwell’s brother also dismissed rumors that his sister died from suicide. Brandon responded to reports online of a photo that showed his sister looking depressed, with a note attached that allegedly signaled plans to end her life. Friends who know her say that the singer was full of life, was a happy mom of one son, and a devoted wife.

Brownstone, which was part of the late Michael Jackson’s MJJ label, rose to fame in the ’90s with their hit, “If You Love Me.” “Grapevyne” and others from the album From the Bottom Up, followed. “Love Me” went on to earn Maxwell’s group a Grammy nomination and Billboard Music Award. Nichole Gilbert and Monica Doby rounded out the members of the original group. Charmayne left the group in 1998 and later returned in 2007, until her death over the weekend. She was the longest-serving member.

Maxwell married Soulshock 20 years ago. He was tapped by Jackson to work with the group of girls to take their careers to the next level. With Charmayne Maxwell dead, it’s unknown if Brownstone will replace her, disband, or continue with current members, Gilbert and Brown.

Funeral arrangements for the Brownstone singer have not been announced. Stay tuned for more developments on the freak accident that claimed Charmayne Maxwell’s life.

[Photo: Sony Music via The Boombox]